3 Lessons Of My Life

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  • 4th December 2011,
    This day changed a lot of things in my life, it was the “Annual Function ” Of our school and i was going to have my first stage experience and moreover I was going to learn the 3 most important lessons of my life.
    Like almost every average student i was fine in my studies and was very confident among my friend group and i thought with that ease only I will be able to do well in the Debate Competition in our Annual Function.
    I prepared myself with all the important points all night, i gave it all i could. I went through the major topics over and over again just to make sure that i do well out there. I was confident about it, but the fact was that it was the first time I would be entering a fully filled auditorium and most importantly face it.
    That day was something different, everyone was looking at me with some another level of expectations and curiosity that how would I do?
    And yes this was the first time I was facing such a crowd and my legs started shaking, my eyes started getting wet, my heartbeats were fastening and I was nervous at some other level. But then also I tried to forget everything and focus on the competition. I was ready to do it.
    And guess what happened?
    I started with a “Choke” creating a very unusual voice which made the whole audience laugh… That laughter broke me from inside… Those wet eyes started crying and I left the stage… But since it was a debate competition, the opposition made it a fun topic and started his speech…. I got to the backstage , I sat near the stage stairs and started crying .. I was broke and it was all finished for me..
    But then my class teacher came…. She knew me the most among all my teachers… She came and sat next to me and then said – “What happened Annu” She used to call me by me pet name Annu, and I said Mam I did so bad see everyone’s is laughing at me, I ruined it all… And started crying again. She wiped my tears held my hands and said ” So what, u got such an immense response from the audience and thats not an easy job, u did a really great job” -this was my first lesson on that day “CHANGE YOUR PERCEPTION AND WAY OF THINKING AND THINGS WILL CHANGE ACCORDING TO YOU”
    Then she said ” See Annu, u left the stage and started crying out here, but what happened , “Nothing”, the debate is still going on… And if you didn’t do anything you will lose even”.That was the second lesson I got – “IF YOU DO NOTHING TO CHANGE, ” NOTHING ” IS GONNA CHANGE, SO GIVE AN EFFORT ”
    After hearing all this, there was something from inside that made me stand again and say it ” I’m gonna try again, once more, one more time ”
    This was the third lesson I learnt-“NEVER GIVE UP”
    So what was next? My teacher wished me luck and I was ready for the rebuttal round . As my opposition was over with his speech, I went back, and what was the first thing I received? A thunderous clapping from the audience.. That boosted my confidence to some other level… All that clapping and appreciation was just because that I came back.. I started my rebuttal strongly saying that” When I left the stage I said nothing and choked and I got the huge laughter of audience, now I have came back and said nothing but still I have got a big hand by the audience, and I am very sorry for my opposition who has been trying a lot but haven’t got any of these ” And like this i Went with all the points I prepared and finished the job I started.
    It was a great day, one of the most important ones of my life… I didn’t win that day I got the 3rd prize but it gave me the biggest lessons of my life to live on with.


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