//A begger on a street

A begger on a street

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                                  A BEGGER ON A STREET                         
          SCENE: 1                                                         
          INT BAR NIGHT                                                    
          It’s evening and jazz music is playing in the liquor house.      
          it’s a bit crowded today. vikram is sitting with his             
          friends. he grabs a glass from the table and drink it in         
          almost a single sip and bangs the glass on the table and         
          gives the glance at his friends who are sitting with him at      
          the table Ashok, sameer and Priya.                               
                    you know, David Letterman hosted                       
                    The late night show for 33 years.                      
                    there are 26 talks show in America,                    
                    jimmy kemmel is my favourite                           
                    what’s your point?                                     
                    i wish in Indian we had such a rich                    
                    talk show culture. it’s just two                       
                    guys sits and talk and it’s                            
                    entertaining. talking is not just                      
                    fun but it is also important                           
                    ya, you are right. let’s talk                          
          sameer says it aloud and gets busy with his mobile as he was     
          doing before. priya gets little disappointed.                    
                    so priya what you did last evening                     
                    i watched a film, a sweet love                         
                    story, beautiful songs, dancing. i                     
                    loved it. you should see this movie                    
                    it’s great.                                            
                    sounds like a Hindi film and i know                    
                    you so i know that you will watch                      
                    bollywood film and i am confident                      
                    that you will waste your time and                      
                    it was a good movie vikram. it was                     
                    about true Love and to what extent                     
                    a man can go for his love. i had                       
                    not seen such romantic film in                         
                    years but i know that you will                         
                    never understand so there is no use                    
                    in discussing it                                       
                    you can discuss that with me i                         
                    am  always available for such                          
                    talks. i think girls are sweet they                    
                    like a guy who is a love sucking                       
                    vampire and who is technically a                       
                    i have a secret to share. i am a                       
                    biggest fan of Mr. Quentin                             
                    Tarantino and his films. he has                        
                    directed 9 films so far. his films                     
                    are Reservoir Dogs, Pulp fiction,                      
                    Jackie Brown, Kill Bill 1 & 2,                         
                    Inglourious Basterds, Django                           
                    Unchained, The Hateful Eight and                       
                    the new film Once Upon a Time in                       
                    Oh wow. you knew all Tarantino                         
                    films. you are indeed his hardcore                     
                    fan. your secret has not shocked me                    
                    but i am little surprised.                             
                    not only his films are excellent                       
                    his music is out of the world.                         
                    well i don’t know why i came here                      
                    tonight, i got the feeling that                        
                    something ain’t right, I’m so                          
                    scared in case i fall off my chair,                    
                    And I’m wondering how I’ll get down                    
                    the stairs, Clowns to the left of                      
                    me, Jokers to the right, here I am                     
                    Struck in the middle with you.                         
                (Singing Lyrics from the band Stealers wheel)              
                    Thanks sameer. there is something i                    
                    want to tell you guys i have                           
                    watched 8 out of 9 Quentin’s films                     
                    there was only one film i didn’t                       
                    Once upon a Time in Hollywood?                         
                    No, Reservoir Dogs. i have seen his                    
                    recent films but at the time of                        
                    Reservoir Dogs, Tarantino’s first                      
                    film. i was a kid and didn’t saw                       
                    this movie. so i planned to watch                      
                    it and downloaded it in my laptop                      
                    you make plans to watch a movie on                     
                    your laptop?                                           
                    yes,i knew it was a great film                         
                    because i have heard about it. one                     
                    who is a fan of Tarantino know that                    
                    his films are not just films it’s                      
                    an experience. and  finally, as i                      
                    started watching this movie                            
                    Reservoir Dogs i realized that i                       
                    have seen a similar Hindi movie of                     
                    this kind, like the same movie,                        
                    same characters and about bank                         
                    you didn’t knew that "KANTE" was  a                    
                    copy of Reservoir dogs                                 
                    nope, i was not aware of that.                         
                    this is funny                                          
                    these bollywood  Filmmakers copy                       
                    Cats has ruined my Quentin                             
                    Tarantino movie experience. i                          
                    already knew all the twists of the                     
                    film. i already knew the story. i                      
                    left like i was cheated.                               
                    most of the bollywood films are                        
                    copied. the recent film "Badla" was                    
                    a copy of "invisible guest"                            
                    it was remake not copy                                 
                    ya remake it’s another word for                        
                    copy these talentless film maker’s                     
                    use. what disappoints me is, if you                    
                    are coping a film at least  copy                       
                    smartly try to make a good film.                       
                    they copy the concept of famous                        
                    film and make another shitty                           
                    bollywood film. which is shocking.                     
                    i hate to say this but it makes                        
                    sense. i agree with you first time                     
                    in my life. you are right.                             
                    thank you. so you went alone for                       
                    a  movie or someone was with you.                      
                    someone special. you know                              
          Ashok sees that priya is not going to answer sameer’s            
          question so he starts talking and enters in the conversation     
                    what do you think, why our films                       
                    are not so good. if we all are on                      
                    the same page. the word why is                         
                    really important here, "why" it                        
                    gives the reason and open the                          
                    possibility of debate and come out                     
                    with a reliable solution isn’t it                      
                    i don’t care all i know is                             
                    bollywood films are like shit, bull                    
                    lack of talent i guess                                 
                    OK let me explain. we are                              
                    1,368,454,971 people. it’s the                         
                    population of India and you are                        
                    saying within this 1,368,454,971                       
                              ASHOK (cont’d)                               
                    people we don’t have 50 artists,                       
                    who can make good films and                            
                    entertain the rest 1,368,454,921                       
                    people. lack of talent is                              
                    definitely not the problem with our                    
                    than the obvious question, why                         
                    bollywood sucks?                                       
                    there are many reasons behind that.                    
                    first of all, we must accept that                      
                    our films are not respected by the                     
                    global audience and we couldn’t                        
                    make films as per the standard of                      
                    international films. let’s starts                      
                    with the beginning. in India before                    
                    the time of films. stories were                        
                    told on stage plays and with the                       
                    help puppets, games of kathputli.                      
                    kathputli was traditional string                       
                    puppet play famously called as                         
                    kathputli ka khel. in these plays,                     
                    songs were used to move the story                      
                    forward. they  say  that bollywood                     
                    films are inspired by these                            
                    kathputli plays and that is the                        
                    reason we still see songs in modern                    
                    Hindi films. we Indian fear change.                    
                    we follow everything done by our                       
                    ancestors like an tradition. we are                    
                    not free to modify  ourselves with                     
                    time  we don’t have dynamics in us.                    
                    oh, it’s deep analysis but i must                      
                    ask you what’s wrongs with songs in                    
                    films. i like music and who                            
                    doesn’t? without songs and dancing,                    
                    Indian film will be like a body                        
                    without a soul.                                        
                    you should stop watching bollywoood                    
                    films. they are having a serious                       
                    effect on your mind. but i still                       
                    love you.                                              
                    i am not denying the importance of                     
                    music in once life. i must admit i                     
                    am a lover of music. but i                             
                    believe  the film is an experience,                    
                    an experience which a director is                      
                    giving to you.                                         
                    see what excuses an Indian                             
                    filmmaker gives is that, Indian                        
                    audience needs songs and dancing in                    
                    films. Indian want a complete                          
                    package in a movie. this complete                      
                    package includes songs, action,                        
                    drama everything in the single                         
                    film. so they don’t have any option                    
                    but to make such stupid films.                         
                    "i disagree on this.                                   
                    viewers  accept only one thing from                    
                    the filmmaker and that one thing is                    
                    entertainment. i mean those days                       
                    are gone when people use to care                       
                    whether their favorite actor is in                     
                    the film or not. or the songs are                      
                    good or not, or they have short the                    
                    film in fancy Locations or not. now                    
                    we buy tickets, sit in the theater                     
                    and all we care for is, is this                        
                    film entertaining me not. and about                    
                    the excuses which the current                          
                    filmmakers are giving that they                        
                    make such films because they are                       
                    demanded like that way by the                          
                    audience is  incorrect, i say                          
                    untalented useless directors give                      
                    such excuses".such excuses".                           
                    everyone agrees with Ashok on this.                    
                    i agree with you. and it makes                         
                    complete sense what you are saying.                    
                    but the question is do Indian                          
                    audience is  the same as the                           
                    western audience who watch                             
                    Hollywood films? the answer is No.                     
                    there is a difference in lifestyles                    
                    and culture.                                           
                    we are talking about films. the                        
                    indifference of lifestyles and                         
                    culture do not make any difference.                    
                    yes, it does! our culture and                          
                    lifestyles is directly related to                      
                    our films. see in western countries                    
                    they have more options when it                         
                    comes to entertainment. to have fun                    
                    they can go night clubs, outdoor                       
                    trips, themes parks, water parks                       
                    and many more. Their standard of                       
                    live is much higher than us.                           
                    majority of their population can                       
                    effort all these things. but when                      
                    it comes to us. now we too have all                    
                    this in our country but very few                       
                    people can effort it. for fun our                      
                    best choice is films that too has                      
                    becomes costly these days after                        
                    introduction of multiplexes but it                     
                    is effortable for the masses                           
                    i think you are missing something.                     
                    there are a lots others ways to                        
                    have fun                                               
                    what are you trying to say?                            
                    i am simply saying people in                           
                    western countries don’t have a                         
                    hectic life like us. our working                       
                    hours are double than that                             
                    of  developed counties. we work 5                      
                    days or 6 days a week. we work so                      
                    hard just to earn basic. they don’t                    
                    struggle to survive to make living                     
                    like us. Indian audience do not                        
                    want to invest their brain in the                      
                    intense stories or in deeper                           
                    concepts. our lives are already so                     
                    complicated. for us, films are a                       
                    way to forget our stressful lives                      
                    and get into fantacy world for a                       
                    while. so we need songs and                            
                    dancing. this gives colours to our                     
                    busy lifestyle.                                        
                    i cannot say that you are right.                       
                    The fact is on the name of giving                      
                    you a complete package in a film.                      
                    Indian filmmakers are selling                          
                    non-sense. A good concept, a good                      
                    script is going to give you a good                     
                    experience and that is                                 
                    i think people in this country have                    
                    forgotten what good films are. what                    
                    is the solution for this? do you                       
                    think in the future we will have                       
                    good films?                                            
                    there is no solution  to  this                         
                    problem. i don’t think we will have                    
                    good films in the near future.                         
                    bollywood is like one big family.                      
                    to work in bollywood one need to be                    
                    a close relative of someone who                        
                    already has a big name in bollywood                    
                    film industry. outsiders are                           
                    completed banned.  bollywood is the                    
                    art industry where there are no                        
                    artists. maybe we have one or                          
                    two  good actors or Writer out of                      
                    so many                                                
                    i wonder how these films make                          
                    money. why bollywood is not bank                       
                    corrupt. these shitty films make                       
                    money in millions                                      
                    yes because they have an audience.                     
                    time has changed. India is in the                      
                    same period in which America was in                    
                    her 70s. mall and multiplex are new                    
                    for us. college students, couples                      
                    do watch such movies. masses now                       
                    effort to watch movies in a                            
                    theater. in hollywood films                            
                    industry they have to make goods                       
                    movies to make money. so there                         
                    is  a constant need for good                           
                    scripts and writers. in bollywood                      
                    there is no such requirement you                       
                    have a good script, who cares. you                     
                              ASHOK (cont’d)                               
                    are a good actor well Nobody cares?                    
                    because to make money Producers                        
                    just need to cast a big movie star                     
                    and films gets hit and he makes a                      
                    profit out of it. Indian film                          
                    industry produces nothing. when we                     
                    go to the theater we buy tickets,                      
                    spend our money, in return we get                      
                    nothing. bollywood filmmakers are                      
                    just building careers of their                         
                    unskilled sons and daughters. to                       
                    improve standards of Hindi films we                    
                    need talented people and current                       
                    system deny talent so i say there                      
                    will be no good time for bollywood                     
                    it’s a big mess it gonna take a lot                    
                    of time to get out of it                               
                    There is a view that we like                           
                    Hollywood films so we dislike                          
                    bollywood film. i want to watch                        
                    good movies i don’t care if it is                      
                    hollywood or bollywood film.                           
                    yes, Ashok we know you are not                         
                    bkhats may call you a traitor if                       
                    you don’t like bollywood films they                    
                    may ask you to leave the country.                      
                    at the current state of this                           
                    country that will not surprise me.                     
                    our media is the worst in the                          
                    world. when i see news it’s does                       
                    not seems that we are heading                          
                    towards Dictatorship. we are living                    
                    Under Dictatorship. all news                           
                    channels are one sided.                                
          Ashok pause for a second and says                                
                    it is not just bollywood  or our                       
                    media it’s same with our sports,                       
                    education system. law enforcement                      
                    all our government organizations                       
                    are corrupt.                                           
                    economical condition of the country                    
                    is very bad. incoming year there                       
                    will be at least millions of job                       
                    cuts. many known companies are                         
                    going to shut down. God knows what                     
                    going to happen.                                       
                    when the foundation of the building                    
                    begins to collapse it is the lowest                    
                    strata which first collapses. the                      
                    poor class of the society are the                      
                    first one to get affected by this.                     
                    their lives is going be hell.                          
                    i think we Indian are not scared of                    
                    it. i mean what economic crises                        
                    what worst can happen to us. we are                    
                    the poorest people in the world.                       
                    our standard of living is the                          
                    lowest in the world and with time                      
                    we have developed the power of                         
                    tolerance in us.                                       
                    "ya! you are right you cannot                          
                    accept a dead body to be afraid of                     
                    death. but understand this, in past                    
                    the economic crisis has never                          
                    reached to the common household in                     
                    India. but this crisis is                              
                    different, the common man is going                     
                    to be affected by it.                                  
                    election are coming. why everybody                     
                    is so excited about election in                        
                    this country. i don’t understand.                      
                    it’s just matter of some bucks.                        
                    politians distributes alot of money                    
                    in election so people earns some                       
                    money by selling their vote.                           
                    or there may be another reason that                    
                    people have hope. they can elect                       
                    suitable candidate who can give                        
                    them good future.                                      
                    may i speak?                                           
                              PRIYA, SAMEER,VIKRAM                         
                    our election is based on caste.                        
                    until this doesn’t change , nothing                    
                    is going to change. There are two                      
                    type of voters in India the poor                       
                    and rich, rural and urban. Educated                    
                    and uneducated. The rural voters                       
                    votes according their caste, they                      
                    are slave of their caste. They                         
                    cannot imagine other caste man to                      
                    become their elected representative                    
                    or leader. Especially lower caste                      
                    man . The urban voters think that                      
                    caste has vanished because they                        
                    have never witnessed caste                             
                    discrimination. but they have                          
                    either become hopeless or they do                      
                    not feel any need to cast their                        
                    votes. Most of the rich voters                         
                    think they are above the law. It’s                     
                    doesn’t make any difference to them                    
                    which party is ruling. So they show                    
                    their back towards this election                       
                    business. They are so sure that                        
                    their life is not going to be                          
                    affected. When one section of                          
                    society refuse to change and one do                    
                    not feel any need to change. One                       
                    cannot make much out of such                           
                    election. Dr. Ambedkar once said                       
                    "if Society is not democratic,                         
                    government can never be". we                           
                    were  a group of different casts                       
                    and classes in the past and we are                     
                    still a group of different casts                       
                    and classes. our first loyalty is                      
                    to our cast and then to religion                       
                    and after to the nation. i see                         
                    Hindu, Muslim, brahmins so-called                      
                    Dalits, Kshatriya. i do not see                        
                    Indian, show me an Indian".                            
                    what are you?                                          
                    i already told you. when i took                        
                    this Name B.R. Ambedkar, don’t you                     
                    know one who takes his name assumed                    
                    as Dalit                                               
                    There are three kinda people in                        
                    this country who talks positively                      
                    about the Law Giver, First The                         
                    scholars who have studied                              
                    Ambedkar’s life and who has an idea                    
                    about the Great contribution of his                    
                    to the Nation. Second the so-called                    
                    Dalits, Ambedkar use to call them                      
                    Depressed classes and the third are                    
                    Politicians.  I am not Scholar nor                     
                    I am a Politician.                                     
                    i wonder, what i am doing in this                      
                    country.  it’s too backward                            
                    No, not backward we are developing                     
                    country. developing sounds better                      
                    the developed world use this word                      
                    developing country instead of a                        
                    backward country because they don’t                    
                    want to be rude. but we should call                    
                    our self backward because it’s the                     
                    truth if we ever had a race of                         
                    progress with the outside world. we                    
                    have lost the race a long back. we                     
                    are not ready to accept it.                            
                    yes, we lost the race when we miss                     
                    the Industrial revolution. when the                    
                    rest of the world was growing                          
                    because of the industries we didn’t                    
                    have all that in Here it’s our bad                     
                    The congressman Shashi Tharoor says                    
                    we miss the bus to the industrial                      
                    revolution because the British                         
                    threw us under that bus’s tyers.                       
                    well, i ask, why we let Bristish to                    
                    throw us under that Bus. I say,                        
                    they could throw us under the bus                      
                    because we were busy in harassing                      
                    women and untouchables (Dalits).                       
                    see at the beginning of the human                      
                    Race to survive humans started                         
                    living in the groups, these groups                     
                    started getting bigger. bigger the                     
                    group is better because it gives                       
                    more protection from the enemies.                      
                    these bigger groups of men turned                      
                    into big civilizations. the                            
                    reason  human are so successful on                     
                    the planet because they had this                       
                    basic tendency to unite, bound                         
                    together. but we Indian walked in                      
                    the opposite direction. we created                     
                    cast system Barhamins, kshatriya,                      
                    vaishya, and shudra. This division                     
                    of men made us weak. we were made                      
                    slaves because we were weak. and                       
                    slavery gifted us Poverty. this is                     
                    the cause of the downfall of our                       
                    civilization. because we                               
                    discriminate amongst each other. we                    
                    hate each other we lacked that                         
                    basic need to be together and form                     
                    a great nation like others                             
                    civilization had. and about Shashi                     
                    Tharoor, he has written a book                         
                    called "why i am a Hindu". it                          
                    doesn’t surprise me. a Hindu born                      
                    is explaining why he is a Hindu                        
                    what’s so surprising about it. a                       
                    simple answer to that is he is                         
                    Hindu because he was born in a                         
                    Hindu family.                                          
                    what are your viewes on faith?                         
                    so we were first talking about                         
                    films and then we started talking                      
                    about Caste and politics and now we                    
                              PRIYA (cont’d)                               
                    are talking about faith. we must                       
                    give titles to our conversations                       
                    like Tarantino divided his movies                      
                    with the chapters, so now it’s                         
                    chapter 3 faith.                                       
                    There are two most common miss                         
                    understanding people have about                        
                    faith. first, they think faith is                      
                    Innocent and harmless. faith can be                    
                    anything but Innocent. faith makes                     
                    man to kill man who has different                      
                    faith. faith makes man to drink                        
                    animal urine. the terrorist who                        
                    kills people in bomb blast they are                    
                    people with faith. The people who                      
                    follow the Caste, commits caste                        
                    based crime. there are cast based                      
                    murders and rapes in our country                       
                    they do so because of the privilege                    
                    given to them by their Religion. As                    
                    terrorism is permanent phenomena in                    
                    Islam, caste discrimination is                         
                    permanent in Hindus.                                   
                    When Ancient men created Religion.                     
                    they invented war towards who do                       
                    not believe in their unworthy faith                    
                    and this war will only End with the                    
                    Religion. The Second Miss                              
                    conception about faith is that.                        
                    they foolishly relate faith with                       
                    Ethics. the one who believe in God                     
                    is considered more ethical person                      
                    it’s like one who is more                              
                    superstitious and believe in                           
                    fairytale is more ethical. i do not                    
                    approve such as a Notion. it’s not                     
                    only stupid but dangerous notion to                    
                    follow. Religion teach them to Talk                    
                    like a Saint and to Act like a                         
                    butcher. Faith is nothing to do                        
                    with Ethics and Molarity. In my                        
                    judgment there are two kinda people                    
                    one who believes in moral values                       
                    and ethics and second who believes                     
                    in Religion.                                           
                    after hearing your thoughts on                         
                    India i feel like going to the                         
                    airport right now and take the                         
                              VIKARM (cont’d)                              
                    first flight to the US. and never                      
                    come again there is nothing left                       
                    you give a choice to any youngters                     
                    in India. weather he wants to live                     
                    here or in America. what you think                     
                    he will choose. no one wants to                        
                    live here. those who are getting a                     
                    chance to leave this country they                      
                    are doing it. one who has an                           
                    opportunity to settle to Aboard is                     
                    doing it. at least this is what it                     
                    we must not forget no matter how                       
                    many problem we have faced or how                      
                    bad conditions were in the past we                     
                    as a country have always survived                      
                    and will survive                                       
                    yes we survived, but in what                           
                    standards, merely surviving is of                      
                    no use. we have survived in worst                      
                    condition human’s can possible                         
                    survive. i am against the people                       
                    who are just complaining about                         
                    everything. do they give anything                      
                    to the nation. they do not care why                    
                    things are like this and they don’t                    
                    have any alternate solutions for                       
                    the problems. I am certainly not                       
                    like them. what makes me sad is We                     
                    are like a beggar on the street who                    
                    refuses to analysis why he has                         
                    reached to this low position nor he                    
                    have any idea how to get out of it.                    
                    but you have right, i see a leader                     
                    in you                                                 
                    well, as we all were talking about                     
                    Tarantino films. i too have seen                       
                    all his films. i am like that                          
                    Character in the film Inglorious                       
                    basters the Nazi colonel played by                     
                    German Actor Christoph waltz he use                    
                              ASHOK (cont’d)                               
                    to consider himself a Detective in                     
                    the film and I consider myself a                       
                    Revolutionist. the real question is                    
                    do our people need help or not. our                    
                    society needs change or not, the                       
                    answer is in affirmative they do                       
                    need help and they need it now.                        
                    there is a need for change, need                       
                    for revolution. I believe to begin                     
                    a mass revolution one must first                       
                    begin it in his hearts.                                
                    Revolution!! this is the word which                    
                    i was afraid that you will use and                     
                    it will be the end of this                             
                    conversation. Ashok, Vikram good                       
                    luck to you for the revolution, you                    
                    both know shit isn’t gonna change                      
                    here. and specially you Ashok i                        
                    don’t know what change you might                       
                    bring in the future but right now                      
                    you definitely ruining this                            
                    beautiful evening of our beautiful                     
                    lives. and now i have an urge of                       
                    singing which i cannot overkill.                       
                    urge overkill, one of Tarintino’s                      
                    favorite songs but who cares, i am                     
                    gonna sing this song because it’s a                    
                    greatest song ever made. I love it.                    
                    i want to delicate this song to                        
                    love of my life.                                       
          sameer starts singing.....                                       
                    Girl, You’ll be a women soon                           
                    I love you so much, can’t count all                    
                    the ways                                               
                    I’ve died for you girl and all they                    
                    can say is                                             
                    "He’s not your kind"                                   
                    They never get tired of putting me                     
                    down and I’ll never know when i                        
                    come around                                            
                    what I’m gonna find                                    
                    Don’t let them make up your mind                       
                    Don’t you know girl, you’ll be a                       
                    women soon                                             
                    Please, come take my hand                              
                    Girl, you’ll be a women soon                           
                    Soon, you’ll need a man...                             
                    shut up sameer!!                                       
          Everyone in the liqour house claps for sameer. it was fun        
          evening for all of them. there is smile on the face of Ashok     
          but his eyes are saying different story.                         
                                                            THE END...     


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