//A dream which became the life

A dream which became the life

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Ahana, a beautiful young girl from Delhi. She just loves dance. A Passionate classical dancer. She had performed many stage shows during school and college days. She wanted to make karna other forms of dances as well.

Ahana, belongs to a strict family. They loved Ahana but not dance. I mean they only wanted her to learn Bharatnatyam just because it was a traditional form of dance. But they never wanted her to make a career in dance. But Ahana, was a dreamer for her dance is everything.

After finishing graduation, she did MBA only for the sake of her family. She got a placement as well. She started her job but somewhere felt like this isn’t right. I am not on the right path. This is not what I wanted. The 9-5 job was frustrating for her. She wanted to learn other form of dances as well.

She asked her dad that she wants to join a dance institute. But he refused and got angry on her. Her mom also didn’t understand her. She got hurt badly. When she was upset, one of her best friend called her after a long time, she started crying over the phone and said everything. She suggested me an idea that “save some money from your salary and start doing any weekend dance course. It may help u”.

Any art needs a complete dedication towards it. She wanted to spend a lot of time on learning because she wanted to make it as a career. But she couldn’t. There is a saying “something is always better than nothing”. So she took her friend’s idea.

She started doing part time dance course. At home, she told that she is having an extra work on weekends. She was enjoying her course. Every week she was just waiting for the weekend. And the never ending weekend what she wanted.

But her hate for Monday was too different in her case. 3 weeks gone. Her parents started doubting her. Ahana was also scared of her lie. She knew that she will caught up one day, but she hadn’t another option also. One day her father just wanted to check on her working days. He asked her, “you really don’t have any holidays dear, not even Sundays? Why so? It is not good for your health also. Why don’t you look for another job?” Ahana shocked but somewhat she managed.

Her dad was not satisfied with her answer. But left silently from there. Ahana decided to tell the truth. After finishing class, she and home. Before she started, her dad interrupted. “Ahana, I want to tell you something. Do you remember Rahul uncle? His son is now working is US well settled, handsome guy. They are coming next week to see you. Be ready.” But dad I want to make a career in dance said in a broken voice.

Her dad got angry “shut up Ahana, how many days I should tell you that dance is not a career. You are a MBA graduate. Now that’s your career, why don’t you understand this? Be ready on that day that’s it.”

It was heartbreaking for her. But nothing new, as he always refused to understand her. She didn’t even utter a word but closed herself in a closed dark room.

She called her best friend, this time she came up with one more idea. She said that “what of he understands your dreams? Means he is from US must be open minded. You just say yes to marriage and try to have a word with him. If he starts support you then who can stop you? Think about it Ahana”.

Ahana found this one great. The poor girl had no option as well. She said yes to marriage before even seeing him. Her dad was super happy. But he told her to stop working because after marriage she won’t be there with him so he wanted to spend the rest of the days with her. Because of that her course also got discontinued. Her only hope was Rahul uncle’s son.

On the very next day, when she was returning from shopping she met with an accident. Her left leg hot fractured. She couldn’t even make a move from her left leg. She was on a complete bed rest. She was shattered completely. Rahul uncle said “it’s a kind of unfortunate. So we shouldn’t proceed further”. Her parents completely broke down. Ahana was hopeless, heartbroken not because of her marriage, she couldn’t continue with her passion that was her biggest worry. The pain was beyond any explanation. Their parents never saw her broken side, as she never shows. She stopped talking, into a complete depression.  At that moment only her parents reality that how much dance meant to her.

One day, she was crying and her mom came into her room, she started shouting at her. “why are u crying, what happened to you? It’s just a fracture Ahana, your life is still there it is enough to pursue your dream. Desire is not enough you need to fight for your dreams if not, you don’t even deserve to cry over it.” Ahana was surprised, confused didn’t know what to react? She just hugged her mom and said thank you in the form of tears.

From that day onwards, her parents started supporting her. Her mom did every possible thing to make her stand on her own leg. She tried Ayurvedic also personally. Her strong mind and positivity made Ahana walk a little quicker. She slowly started her moves and she finally back on her legs.

She was very happy. Started her full time course on dance, learnt many form of dances. Nothing is more beautiful than following our own heart. She turned her dreams into reality. Dancing on her legs, buy her heart was flying so high. After finishing her courses, she started getting many opportunities and lead her life as a a famous choreographer.

For parents: Love your children dreams, like the same way you love them. They will shine in their own way.

For children: If your parents is giving enough freedom to pursue your dreams never disappoint them.


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