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A flight ticket

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“Sudha, did you pack, my bag?”
“I can do that in a minute. You carry on with your work” she replied in a sleepy tone.
“What about my tiffin? Did you pack that?” Sudhir asked in a little louder tone. “Common Sudha, get up. I’m getting late”.
“God knows why you always book early morning trains” and she had to get up unwantedly.
“Okay baba, next time onwards, I will not bother you” he turns towards Sudha and whispers in her ears “I love You”
“Don’t say me that, you liar”
And they both share a good morning smile.

When Sudhir got ready, he came to the dinning table.
“Here’s your breakfast” Sudha served him.
“So when will you come back” she asked while taking her first sip of coffee.
“The deal can take two days and then one day back in the train. So probably it can will take four days.”
“Okay……” After a moment she remember something “Noooooo, you can’t do this”.
“You promised me that we’ll go to Neena’s Engagement. She is my only friend here”
“But Sudha try to understand it, I can’t do anything now. I am helpless”
“Of course you can do, postpone the date”
“Don’t be a silly Sudha. You go.”
“Now you are being silly.” She puts the cup down. And she turns around her face while Sudhir kept his eyes down and continue eating.
After a moment she comes with an idea “You can do one thing”. Sudhir slowly rolled his eyes up towards her “What?”
“Instead of coming from train, book a flight. Within two hours you will be here and we can attend the function” She had a big grin on her face. “What say now?”
“Yeah we can do that But………………”
“But what?”
“I can’t afford it a flight ticket.”
“Don’t give me this excuse now. We’ll attend the function” she declared.
“But Sudha, I really can’t afford it. The tickets are almost half of my salary. I can only afford general compartment, flight tickets are not in my favor” he was trying to let her understand.
“I know that but it’s really….” She said it in very soft tone. She can feel him. “Last two months, we had a good saving we can use them.”
He Kept silent
“Situations like these are the only chances we common people get to experience these kind of luxuries. Don’t leave them rather live that moment. We can save money once again” now she was not thinking of the function but the feeling of her husband’s first time in the flight.
“Yeah, I’ll think of that” he finished his breakfast.” What about my bag?”
“It’s ready” She picked up the bag ond tiffin. “Here, they are.”
“Have a safe and happy journey.”
He turned towards the gate, opened it and then turns back to Sudha “I’ll try my best.”
“I know that”
And he exits.

Three days later, on the day of function. Sudha can’t focus on anything. Her eyes were laid on the door. All she can think is whether he will come or not? Whether for him she is important or not?
And the door bell rang. She ran towards the door and saw him standing there “I knew it, you will come.”
“How is that not possible” he handover his bag to her “Now cook some spicy food, I’m very hungry and tired.”
“Give me ten minutes, till then you take bath.”
“Be quick.”
Few moments later when he had the breakfast done and was walking in the verandah, a small piece of paper fell on him. When he saw upwards, Sudha was drying the clothes. He picked up the paper and it was the return ticket of general compartment.
“Oh shit” he teared it, crushed it and throws it away. He started thinking about how he handled the clients and made the deal possible in one day. And the next day he was on the train.
When they were going for the function, Sudha asked him ” You didn’t told me, how was your experience in the flight?”
He replied with a smile “Awesome.”


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