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Close all your books, pack your bags
Sit down with your straight back
Let me tell you a story
Once there was a king
And he decided to step up on the ring
To fight with a hungry bull
Possible enough, he was the biggest fool
He bought it from nearby village
Showing of my friends
It’s always a time wastage
All the people started gathering around the ring
As per the orders of their King
They started cheering to their lord
Whereas his Queen
Started praying to God
As the fight began there was a pin drop silence
Seems like words are forever ban
And there was no way where King could ran
Bull has only dinner in his eyes
While king was moments away
To become a star in the sky
Bull started running towards the king
And just thrown him away
To the other side of the ring
The same process kepts on repeating
As the King can’t do anything
Expect praying
Blood started flowing through his body
His eyes were getting blurry
When this time bull was running towards him
He gathered all his energy in his fists
Stood up on his feet
And was about to punch on bull’s face
But the Guard…………..
The guard pulled his trigger
And hits bull’s eye
The next moment bull was down and died
No one heard the bullet’s sound
As the silencer was put around
The king raised his hands
as he was declared winner
That day was celebrated like Diwali in his Kingdom

Few days later
When King was out on hunt
All alone
Was the biggest mistake he had ever done
As he went deeper into the forest
His breath was becoming more heavier
a wild cow comes in his way
And thrown him away
This time there was no ring
no crowd, no guard
No one could save King except cow herself
But cow was not in the mood to give any chance to him
The crown was shattered into pieces
And King was brutally murdered
May be this cow was Bull’s mother
(The school bell rings and the lecture gets over)
So students, I hope you had fun
Let me know tomorrow from this story what did you learn.


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