//A Letter To Myself: This Time, I Choose Myself!

A Letter To Myself: This Time, I Choose Myself!

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Remember me? I’m sorry we didn’t talk in a while and I know things have felt a little different lately but among all the sacrifices done for adulthood, not being able to spend time with you feels the worst. And, when I actually get a chance to reminisce, it tears me apart. The truth is, I miss you and whenever I start to think, a mysterious lump rises inside my stomach which makes me want to run away while yelling your name. But today, I want to tell you something that I’ve never said it before. I’m proud of you. I know no one has told you this in a long time when you actually needed to hear. Life is full of things that make people proud but nobody comes around in between while you are struggling every day and winning over inner demons.

Life is tough and adulting sucks. There are so many days where you just want to run back and become a toddler again, who’s always laughing happy with no worries in the world. But now you’re a grown-up and I’m proud of you for doing whatever you can do make ends meet while still living your dreams and not giving up on yourself. I’m proud that you took a job that you hate from your guts to pay bills and support your family. I understand that life can be overwhelming sometimes and depression/anxiety is real and not a personality trait. Some days even getting out of the bed is the toughest thing you do but I’m glad that you muster every ounce of energy within to get up and simply make it through.

“Of course she was sad, but now she is glad she dodged a bullet.”

But do you know when I felt the proudest? When you chose yourself over everything else. When you decided to leave every toxicity behind and listened to your heart. I felt proud when you realized your worth, refused to accept anything less and decided to fight the world to make your dreams come true that once felt unreachable. The courage and strength to live up to your words are what I admire about you the most. I’m proud of you for ending toxic relationships and leaving behind selfish friends. Yeah, it took a while to soak up the tears and gather yourself but reflecting back now, it hits me hard that without overcoming those hurdles, you’d have never realized your potential, strength, willpower, and your actual dream. I’m proud when you decided to have a fresh start and live unapologetically on your own terms. I’m proud of you for all those small victories that others may think trivial.

Having high regard for your own well-being and happiness is often misunderstood with narcissism and a self-centered mindset but it is not. Self-love means taking care of your own needs and not sacrificing your well-being and mental peace to please others. I remember when life took a radical turn that crumbled down the facade you were living in that made you see a smooth paved life through rose-colored glasses but it wasn’t real as life had different plans for you. I feel it was important to make you realize the reality that taught you to set your life’s priorities straight, fight hard for what’s worth to move forward and the most important, to love and not lose yourself again.

“What a thing to be human, made her more of a woman”

Self-care is an antidote to stress as it builds resilience so we can better cope with challenges coming our way. Self-love isn’t about instant gratification but it’s a practice of accepting your shortcomings and bring compassion for yourself. Sometimes people come into our lives and we know instantly that they are meant to serve a purpose; whether to teach us a lesson through a life’s experience or to help us figure out life’s purpose: who we are, or who we want to become that helps us set our goals straight. They profoundly affect our lives because these poignant experiences of success and downfalls help to create who you become. Of course, you need to heal and love yourself first before you can truly love again. You’ve to remind your future self; “You’ll be okay.” The socially accepted idea of ‘How you should be’ is not your responsibility to live up to but what’s important is to live up to promises that you made to yourself. And remember, whenever it seems like life is rough and you feel like giving up, hang in there tight because great things take time. Remember that someone is proud of how you turned out to be and you should be proud of yourself. When you’re the writer of your own life story, why not write a kick ass one?


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