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A Person on a Selfless Mission!

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MRK Kishore, friend of mine. The name itself glaze my eyes, instills in me thoughts of steel and energy of Iron man in me. A Staunch Devotee of Saibaba whom I connected through social site – ORKUT in 2007. Amazingly we both were working in Hyderabad then:-). There will be a reason for everyone to meet in this world which I realized later.

One day, I asked Kishore to give his time and place of Birth. He said, No I believe in karma(work) and God will decide very best for me. We need to strongly believe in yourself, no need of astrologers. You too stop reaching out to astrologers. Since then a new revolution, new resolution and a new era of change started.

On 1st January, 2008 a small seed “SAI ANUGRAHA” was germinated with 30 members. He was the Brain. It is a Family of Helping hands and Praying Lips, where both Social Service and Spiritual Service initiatives are conducted with zeal to bring positive change in society/needy and to spiritual aspirants.

Many Projects like Books or Bricks (Education support), Sai Aarogya (Medical Assistance), Sai Aadhaar (Blood Donation, Relief and Rehabilitation during natural calamities, Sponsoring Groceries etc), Baba Prasadalay 365 (visiting Old age homes and orphanages and sponsoring daily food), Livable Planet earth (renamed to honor and remember Dr. Kalam sir forever aims to making our planet Green and encourage kids to be part of it by conducting competitions at Schools), Sai Vidyalaya (adopting schools, providing infrastructure to schools, taking digital classes) etc. bringing positive change in many lives and touching many hearts.

He was the man behind “Pedal Wise“, A Cycle Club in Cognizant and organised many OUTREACH and GO GREEN visits when he was working in Cognizant, Chennai. His passion did not let him stop volunteering and he organizes/participates many events on his onsite assignment as well.

He beautifully manages “Sharing is Caring” initiative and utilizes the funds received amazingly to help more needy. He is instrumental in raising funds for temple construction and items for temples. Apart from this throughout the  year various Guru parayans, literature reading and many chanting sessions are organized virtually.

Snippet of Sai Anugraha mentioned falls short in words as compared to appreciations, applauds and overall smiles we receive on gloomy faces. This iconic, 213 bones man is down to earth, strict disciplinarian, very dedicated and passionate for His Vision! Does He stops here? No – A Responsible Son, husband, father and a global citizen too.

How all roles can be played so well? How a single man can inspire a spark 3000+ Sai Anugraha family members to work for a noble cause!? Taking leverage of Whatsapp technology how a person can handle 80+ groups of Sai Anugraha, along with handling other social media sites meant for various reasons with utmost care and instant responses apart from being Sr. Associate at Cognizant!? How a 213 bone person can be so energetic sacrificing his personal desires and goals, very precious sleep and time for the past 12 years, unconditionally!

Only reason, he believes that Human life is precious and We should pay gratitude to Mother Earth and to this society in best possible way. It is our responsibility to return something to society, Nation, World. He strongly feels that “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam“…World is One Family and started an initiative “Plus 1 Club“. In this 12 years of journey, I am amazed to see the zeal in him performing things with perfection till he achieves! His disciplined life might be the reason.

By the way, Myself, Kavita Maniyar 37, believes in family comes first, typically underestimating  my hidden strengths, my inner desire to do something for society. Though after marriage I become more introverted. But he held my hand, gave me courage and it changed me from “CAN I?” to “I CAN“. I’m Sai Anugraha Nagpur in charge and I conduct several medical camps, programs for kids, food sponsorship events etc.

Kishore it’s your triggering jolt of voice that lady like me stood up for society. I’m blessed to be part of Sai Anugraha family. Your breathe bring smiles in every nook and corners of the world. It’s tentacles in form of Educare, Medicare and Green revolution spreads in leaps and bounds.

Success comes to those who follow their passion, work hard and above all don’t let anyone to limit their Dreams.


About the Author:

Kavita Maniyar, MTech,BE in Computer Science,Digital Marketing Analyst ,Mother of 2 kids. My Mission is balancing family , professional ,Social Life and return an inch to this Mother Earth! Maa Tuzhe Salam


  1. kavita maniyar February 20, 2020 at 6:21 am - Reply

    Am Thankful to all for sharing this story -74 shares as really am perturbed How one can be so selfless !

  2. mrkkishore February 23, 2020 at 4:49 am - Reply

    Thanks so much Kavita for introducing me and Sai Anugraha beautifully to the world. The way you started the story was amazing. You nicely wrote everything and ended the same with a inspirational quote. Great to know your story from CAN I to I CAN. Thanks for all your support and whatever you do in Nagpur in the name of Sai Anugraha.

    Keep the good work going.


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