//A story of an Enigmatic women

A story of an Enigmatic women

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A girl child was born roaring like a lioness ,on seeing the baby the mother’s wish came true as she prayed to get a baby, with the female version of her husband . she was not similar to other girls as she was not interested towards makeup,she was very quiet but sometimes burstout as storm ,as she was a short tempered person , daily after school she has an habit of telling her mom whatever happened at school.

From childhood she was interested towards arts like music and dance as she started to grow her inferiority complex prevented her to explore her talents in front of others ,her conscience makes her guilty for not expressing her talents but the inner demon ‘the fear’ would always prevent her without expressing it but she always listens to her favourite songs and sings along with it ,while she sings her everyone would tease her by saying stop the song and then sing , don’t sing along with it,it literally hurts her but she never shows often and also she was concerned on what others think of her,

so she narrowed her vision towards her passion and focused on studies. she was one of the topper at school and at her higher secondary also she managed to score good and after that she joined college ,she was an above average student with hidden skills and she cleared all her exams with a good cgpa at her final year she has had three of her own ideas but she don’t have money to make it a working model ,so once she submitted her idea to election commission but the age limit is not of hers so she gave her brother’s details but response was given so she was frustrated that she cannot able to do anything and her idea is also not recognised by the higher official

She gets placed in an IT company and works there, it was quite difficult than she expected but she puts her fullest efforts rather was not satisfied as it was not her passion but just a tiring job to feed her family . inspiteof it she managed to work  ,but her heart wishes to go towards the passion on the other hand her family situation pulls her back , after few years fortunately her idea was selected by her own company for design and she owns the copyright and 60% of the products overall income as it was a hit product in software development,so she supported her family to grow economically and the bond between her and the company is getting over ,so she decides to come out of her safe zone by resigning the job and participates in a singing competition and her talent got recognised by some musicians and she got a chance to sing and sung a song  in a movie ,her wish finally fullfilled that everyone enjoyed her song that made her shed tears off and also luckily the idea that she has submitted years ago ,got reward of some lakhs and also rare contribution certificate from government.

Everything takes time to happen so don’t blame anyone ,just because you don’t see anything happening doesn’t mean God is not working


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