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“Wear your flaws like a badge of honor”; this statement highly motivates me.

I was diagnosed with BIPOLAR DISORDER 1 when I was in grade 12. A series of events happened which led to the onset of depression which later transformed into bipolar disorder.

I was sexually harassed by a school teacher. I had been in that so-called prestigious school since class Montessori. Despite securing a decent 91.4% in the ICSE Board exam, I was denied admission in the school by the principal when I complained about the sexually inappropriate behavior of my so-called teacher.

Been thrown out of my school for no fault left me disheartened but as the adage goes, “Nature never betrayed the heart that loved her”, I was lucky enough to get admission into a school with better prestige. I always had a grudge that I lied to my new principal. I never told her that I was chucked out of my previous school. I felt like a lost child in my new convent school. With poor attendance and grades, no friends and no one to support me, life became hell! I used to cry for the whole night, even thought of committing suicide, apparently considered a heinous crime! Whenever I used to think of suicide and feel lonely and abandoned, someone used to say, “Don’t worry sweetheart, I am with you and everything will fall in place.” I call this someone as the Almighty. When everyone leaves you in a lurch, he supports you.

Everything that happened in class 11 shattered me so much so that in September 2013, I was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder 1. I became insane for a day or two. Unlike my previous principal, this new principal never regarded me as a “DISGRACE” to her institution. I never required anyone’s sympathy but yes I craved empathy. No one could lend me an ear and listen to my ordeal. This new principal proved to be an angel in my darkest hour of sorrow. She boosted my dead self-esteem. I still remember her saying, “Tarandeep, I have faith in you. You will give the ISC Board exam. Whole Loreto Convent is your home.” This great lady stood true to her words. I remember studying in the library and ground as per my mood even when teaching was going on in the class.

I end up securing 78.8% in the ISC Board exam. Today, 91.4% doesn’t give me as much happiness as 78.8% because I learned to be a good human at Loreto. I was loved by Maam George and she vested so much faith in me.

In 2018 I applied for the post of the teacher at the same school where I was refused admission and bagged a job there. The same principal who refused me admission praised me to the other branch principal but soon I left the school. Today I am working as a special educator at a reputed school. Through my story I want to share that if I can fight an almost lost battle then anyone can.  At last, as Sir Winston Churchill said, “Never never never give up.”


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Currently working as a special educator in a reputed school, I want to wholeheartedly work for the intellectually disabled society. I aim at breaking the stigma related to mental disorders.

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