//A true friend is a blesssing

A true friend is a blesssing

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FRIENDSHIP, when I hear this word then many thoughts, memories, craziness and pictures of people related to all these things starts popping up in my mind about whom we call friends. Friend is a person who is very close to our heart because they are the only person in whom we get a little glimpse of all our other relationships. They protect us like a guardian, fights like a sibling, understands like a partner and inspires to set big goals in life and achieve them.

Now, let me introduce myself to you and tell you what is the significance of this word in my life and how this one word(friendship) changed my life.

Hello, I’m Guddy, though people don’t call me much by my name, they have given me nicknames as per their choice and they all call me by those names mostly (like guddu, dynadoll and so on). I’m a B.A student right now and after graduation I want to study LLB and become a lawyer and I want to be a writer also.

You must be thinking that my life is very simple and easy like the rest of the common people, but this is not true. I am a disabled person. Yes, I was a premature baby who was born in 7 months due to which I am having nerve problems since birth which took the form of a disability due to lack of proper treatment at that time. Later I got used to my disability.

Despite of having so many problems, I have always considered myself to be the luckiest in the matters of friendship because there have always been some special people(friends) in my life who have accepted me in the way I am and helped me a lot in so many situations.

But there have been also some people who made fun of me and mocked me a lot in this matter. I have had to face all these things since I was a little girl. Hence, I used to have a little hesitation in getting around with people and I was also lacking self-confidence. Even I used to hesitate in talking to my own classmates in school. I probably had a habit of being imprisoned in a strange kind of comfort-zone since childhood and I was living my life like that without any complains.

But suddenly things started changing.

Our Board exams were going on and our exam seats was organized in a nearby school. Papa used to drop me there very early because then he had to go to his office too. No student used to come as early except a guy from my class. we used to talk to each other both of our friends come. Although we were not so-good friends in school but during those exam days a strange bond grew between us. Even after completion of school we have been in touch with each other for a long time.

We used to talk to each other almost daily and I used to get a very positive vibe from him. One of the special things I liked about him was that he never made any difference between me and the rest of his friends and never made me feel that I am a person with disability.

He used to call me with a funny nickname which is “Gudda” and used to treat me as if I’m a guy. Yes, it sounds crazy but he never treated me like a girl. And I used to call him Mr. Encyclopedia because I used to ask him a lot of questions and he used to answer all the questions. We used to crack jokes together, motivate each other, talk about philosophies of life and human nature and what not.

All the things related to this weird bond started to build a certain kind of confidence in me and after that everything started changing for good. I started becoming a better person and according to me it was just pure friendship that I changed without even trying to change.

In the end I would just like to say that “A true friend is a real blessing”.


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