//About the Hardest nut to crack!

About the Hardest nut to crack!

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From cooking her signature dishes to making us learn how to cook them ourselves, from being the strictest mother to our best Est jovial friend, from asking us to stay quiet and disciplined to laughing along with us whenever we did something notorious, she had been with us all through. She motivated us when we failed, she celebrated our failures. I used to wonder what ‘Mass’ is she made of? Is it something ‘Super-Sonic’ that had been fitted inside her brain and body? Or is it some kind of ‘Magic’ which she unfolds every day? She never gave us a chance where we could have proven her not worthy, never! Even today when she is dwelling in the midst of so much pain, she never fails to be the ‘Perfect woman’.

Although, men and women both have their own respective roles to play, however, I wonder how much time would have Almighty invested to mold this beautiful six sensed creatures who is a bundle of unconditional love, care, affection, warmth, courage, confidence, sweetness, and what not?

A woman, she in herself is a complete ‘aura’. Her mere presence can make the world seem just perfect! Every woman is a blessed soul because only she possesses the ability to create more Humans. From the stages she passes through, from being a small kid, to a girl, then to a woman, it’s a beautiful transformation. Apart from playing all the roles, the most important and irreplaceable role that she plays is of a ‘Mother’. No one in this world exists who can replace the unconditional love that she holds in her heart for her children.

She may sail in the boat of pain every day, she may be battling with her own struggles but she will never ever leave side of her beloved kids, she may be drowning but still she will do her best to save her kids and may get drowned herself, such a beautiful soul is a Mother.

Talking about what’s so special in my Mommy Darling, she is a Hard Nut to Crack! J Yes, she is I think the hardest nut to crack! I can say she was born with boldness in her blood, her courage and ability to with stand whatever comes her way is something that I adore the most. She had been through a lot of hardships, and never is that have I seen her weeping over the spilt milk! We used to read this ‘There is no use of weeping over the spilt milk’, she just transformed the way of looking at this quote, for her it’s like – If the milk has spilt, what do you wait for next? Come and clean it, the floor is going to become sticky! You dumb! Your tears won’t clean the floor! Clean the floor and go.. run to get another packet of milk!

This is the way she has groomed us, not highlighting this to make her look like the ‘Scarry Strictest Mommy’ but to highlight the fact that she had always taught us to look at the ‘Next Best Step’ that has to be immediately taken up to resolve the issue.

‘The Show must go on, no matter, I am there or not, your duty is to keep the show On!’ is the reminder that she has tuned inside mine and my brother’s mind. She is our living inspiration; I wish her strength never weakens.


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