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All for One

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She was upset. Anyone would be after such public debacle. She was blinking her eyes rapidly trying to hold the tears inside, while her eyes hesitated to meet her own reflection in the mirror. Her palms fist at the sides of new gown she has just come out wearing from the trail room. The same gown that a worthless man in her life, probably in the form of boyfriend or husband or fiance, has declared unfit for her while also throwing random jibes of body shamming.

She tried to waggle of the feeling of inferiority caused by his words by the shrug of her shoulder. Turning to the sales girl, she smiled as politely as her current state of mind could allow.

“I am not sure about this color. Can you get me the black one?”

Perhaps she didn’t expect her voice to sound so defeated. Unfortunately though, she choked and the voice came out only as mere whisper.

The salesgirl has probably witnessed thousand scenes of the likes and has developed immunity to be blind to brazen injustice. Even that didn’t stop her from eyeing the girl pitifully.

I, on the other hand however, have neither got the heart or mouth to keep mum at such impertinence.

“Can you hear me?” I asked the girl once I was sure she has entered the adjacent trail room to mine and closed the door.

“Excuse me!” I could hear her panic.

“I heard the hateful words he said about your body. Was he your husband?”

“My.” She hesitated for a second.”Boyfriend, Why?”

“Doesn’t matter who he is. No one has the rights to comment about your body. Your body is your temple. Only you have the rights over it and no one else. Own your body and be proud of it.” I heard a mild sob and I immediately asked, “Are you okay? Have I overstepped?”

“No one has ever talked to me about my body so encouragingly.”

I smiled to myself. “If you like the red gown, you wear the red gown. No one should care how your love handle looks in those.”

“The gown was just…” I know she was going to defend him and I stopped promptly.

“It is never okay to be rude. Don’t let his phony ideas dictate your confidence. Reject his desires and embrace your own body.”

“Thank you so much. I will.” I heard her say and the crushed tone which was present previously was replaced by clearness.

In the counter, while ringing the bill, I saw the girl standing with the same red gown she was ridiculed for and a frowning boyfriend stood beside her gloomily. For her sake, I hope she rebuked him.

A small smile formed on my lips. If women didn’t stand by each other to spread body positivity, the world is forever going to be successful in pitting us against each other.

I didn’t want to introduce myself. I did what I had to do. What I consider my victory is not mere gratefulness, but this girl spreading the same spirit of self love to others.

“All for one and one for all.”


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