//An Act of Kindness

An Act of Kindness

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‘What goes around comes around’ Tiffany had always heard of the saying but she’d never believed it.

One day, she was running to school when she heard a pain-filled whine. She looked behind and saw a small, dusty kitten struggling to walk. It had a deep cut in one of its legs. Tiffany decided to ignore the kitten as she was already late, but somehow, she couldn’t. She picked up the kitten and rushed to the nearby vet. When the vet saw the kitten, she started crying and cuddling it. Tiffany was alarmed.

“What happened?” she asked.

“This is my kitty, Furball. I have been searching for her for a month,” the vet replied. “How can I ever repay you?”

Tina smiled. She felt good. “No need to repay me. Just pass on this cycle. Do something good.” The nurse cleaned Furball’s wound and put on a Band-Aid. She was lovingly stroking its fur when suddenly she heard a shrill cry. “Vet!”

She looked behind and saw a small girl crying. She was holding a small rabbit in her hand. It looked half – dead.

“What’s the matter, child?” the vet asked.

“Vet, My name is Sheryl. (sob) my C…Coby. My rabbit! H…He… accident.” The girl started crying again.

The vet quickly put the rabbit on the bed and checked its heartbeat. “Don’t worry,” she assured Sheryl. “He’s just a bit tired.” She started treating him. For about six hours they waited.

After what seemed like ages, the vet smiled, “He is all right,” she said to the girl. “He is out of the danger zone, sir, but he is not fully fit. I am jotting down some medicines. Do take good care of him, won’t you? Give him his medicines on time.”

“Yes, I will. Yay, my Coby is back to life. Thank you so much, vet,” Sheryl squealed, happily jumping. “I wish I could do something for you too!”

“Just pass on the cycle, and do something good. That’s all it takes,” the vet replied, smiling.

Sheryl pondered over what the vet said. She knew what she could do and was determined to do it. Her neighbour, Mrs. Smith, was running a high temperature since last Saturday. She was all alone, and Sheryl decided to help her.

As soon as they reached home, she ran into her house. “Mrs. Smith!” she shouted.  “How are you feeling right now?”

“Extremely tired, my dear. This infection is not ready to leave me. And this aged body! Oh, what shall I do?”

“All you need is rest, Mrs. Smith. I will take care of you from now on.”

Sheryl took good care of Mrs. Smith. She brought her food, gave her pills on time, tucked her into bed, and bought all the things she needed. In a couple of days, Mrs. Smith was healthy enough to walk again. She kissed and hugged Sheryl and said, “Thank you so much, Sheryl. You never made me feel that I was alone. Thank you!”

“Don’t thank me, Mrs. Smith,” Sheryl chirped innocently. “Just pass on this kindness.”

Mrs. Smith looked at Sheryl in amazement. “I will,” she said.

Mrs. Smith felt healthy and good. She was tired of sitting at home, so she decided to roam around the neighborhood around her house. As she was walking, she saw a very small girl stuck in the middle of the road, crying and wailing, shouting for her mother, who was nowhere to be seen. Mrs. Smith couldn’t wait anymore. She somehow convinced the bystanders to help her. when the girl was safe with her, she took her to the nearby police station. The mother of the girl was already there. She looked miserable. When she saw her daughter, she clutched her and cried happily.

After a lot of hugs, kisses, and tears, the mother turned to Hans. “How can I ever repay you? You saved my daughter’s life.”

Mrs. Smith smiled. “It was my duty to save this girl. No need to thank me, just pass on this act of kindness,” she said.

The woman went home and told her husband all that had happened and what Mrs. Smith had asked for in return. He was very grateful and decided to fulfill the wish of the angel in disguise that Mrs. Smith was for them. The next day he gave every employee of his office a bonus for their hard work. Then he called his personal assistant, James, and rewarded him extra for his dedication. James was overjoyed. He decided to buy a video game for his daughter, something which she had been wanting for very long.

And guess who his daughter was? Tiffany!

We all should do at least one good thing every day. It need not be something big, but just a small help, and it will make a great difference. We’ll make a lot of friends, and we never know what good things might be in store for us next!


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