//An Encounter with Failure

An Encounter with Failure

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Knock knock!!

Me: Who’s there?

Failure: Good morning. Hey there, I am Failure.

Me: Failure!!

Failure: Guess my parents thought, it would be unique. You mind if I come in for a cup of coffee, friend? (Lending out a hand)

Me: Oh please, come in, friend. (Shaking his hand)

(Comes in and sits on my sofa)

Me: Hope you don’t mind waiting, coffee’s in the making.

Failure: Nope. So, what are your plans after your failure?

Me: Excuse me, how come you know about that? (My face flushes)

Failure: Hey, hey did I embarrass you? I am sorry.

Me: No problem. Guess news like these spread like wild fire.

Failure: Like those of success, right?

Me: What?

Failure: I mean news of both success and failure spread equally fast. Don’t they?

Me: I don’t know. (Silence… The coffee maker whistles). Coffee’s ready. Wait, let me bring it. (Bringing the coffee mugs to the sofa). There you go. (Handing out the mug)

Failure: Thanks. You didn’t say anything about your plans though. Secret?

Me: When I myself don’t know what are my plans, what shall I tell you?

Failure: Is it resignation, I hear in your voice?

Me: I don’t know, might be I am not good enough for anything anymore.

Failure: I see. If that would be it, then how come so many prizes dear? (Pointing to the prizes in the cupboard)

Me: Lets’ say I was intelligent then, now I am not. I don’t know how I went wrong. You know, I had planned my every move. I just feel so lost. (Sigh)

Failure: My friend, you are asking yourself the wrong question. Find out ‘where’ you went wrong instead of finding out ‘why’ you went wrong. When the first time you learnt to walk, didn’t you fall?

Me: Oh, come on, everyone falls the first time when they learn to walk.

Failure: Then do they stop trying to walk?

Me: No, then they wouldn’t be walking ever.

Failure: So, did you do the same or you just resigned?

Me: Exactly, what makes you think I can’t walk or I resigned from walking? (Irritated)

Failure: Well if you didn’t resign, then. Why now?

Me: What?

Failure: I am saying you failed then, you failed even now. So, if you had the courage then, why not now?

Me: Because my friend, there were less expectations, ‘then’. (Rolling my eyes)

Failure: I see. Then when you fell off your cycle in the middle of G.T. Road and the there was a car heading from the opposite side, what did you expect?

Me: I thought I’d die.

Failure: Then how did you live?

Me: I tried to make a move hoping to get away safe and it worked luckily.

Failure: Okay. So, your expectation didn’t come true then?

Me: Hey, stop speaking in riddles. What do you mean? (Agitated)

Failure: Cool down buddy, I am saying, you just said you have no courage to get up now because there are lot of expectations. At the same time, you say in a previous incident you have defied your own expectations with just trying to find a better way out the situation. I am just trying to understand what you are saying.

Me: But that was a small situation.

Failure: Yes, but if you wouldn’t have tried how would you have known what you can do. (Puts the cup down finishing the coffee). Thanks for the coffee buddy, I’ll take your leave, now.

(Opens the door, leaving me thinking on the sofa)


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