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Happiness doesn’t exist for her. She has never been surrounded by happiness in her life. All her years passed by crying and screaming silently in the pain. When she wanted her mother to stand by her, she pushed her away. Before getting married she was living a life of an orphan and working like a maid. After marriage no one supported her, valued her, respected her. But she stayed silent, absorbing all the pain, surviving and trying to give a perfect life to her with children without complaining. Then a tragedy happened, her husband left her all alone with two small kids. She was totally broken and helpless beyond imagination but she didn’t give up. Smiling in daylight for her children and crying silently for help but no one ever asked how she’s doing. When both of her daughters cried for their father she stood strong and told them not to cry as she will do every possible effort to give them the love of a father. She alone did everything for them. She played both the roles of a mother and a father for them. She never believed in happiness for herself. As she always prays for the happiness for her children. She cried, she cried inside when one of her responsibility was completed by marrying her daughter. She was afraid that one day her other daughter will also go far from her. But she never showed her fear to them. But she always wanted her daughter to make her proud. So all she did was teaching her about the values and morals to make her life better and hoping a marvelous future for her. Then one day when her second one also left home and went for higher studies, she was all alone struggling for everything. Her little one didn’t want to leave her alone but she didn’t have any other option.

Everyone left, at last she was all alone, having a little smile on her face. Not even complaining, just trying to survive a little more.

Life is all about walking alone and in the end  you are the only one who will sail through it.

A Survivor

A Fighter

A Warrior

Yes, she is my MAA.



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