//And Heroes Reincarnate

And Heroes Reincarnate

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◾And Heroes Reincarnate◾

Tick, tick, tick!
& everything got shattered in 3 seconds…

Delighted faces turned into ashes in the blink of an eye. Happiness bursted into the air & the entire ambience turned into black!
Exactly 78 vehicles carrying a total of 2500 personnel faced the most horrifying bomb attack in the history of Indian Army. Country witnessed its 40 brave children flung upon the blood of death. Terror attacks proved again the superiority of “Black”, exposing the fake illusion of dwelling in feeble “Red” overshadowing its weakest point. Valentine’s day miserably transformed into the “BLACK DAY”.

Taruna, a very skinny wife of Anand Singh, one of the CRPF Jawans, who mercilessly dangled into the lap of death was doing her household work regularly. Grasping her mangal sutra firmly in her fist, her cheeks woke up with a peculiar feel of sudden macabre. She didn’t make much effort to carry out the thought process, and let herself be busy making some food for her old mother-in-law, Mrs. Geeta Singh, who had difficulty walking because of her stiff knees in arthritis. She was a lady in her late seventies and lost her husband a few years ago in an accident.

“Tarunaaaa, Tarunaaaa, come fast beti(child). Hey Bhagwan, kya anaarth ho gayaa ( Oh God! What the hell happened to us!) !! ” Mrs. Geeta collapsed on the floor with her extremely stiff hands and numb face. The TV remote got smashed into pieces with its batteries scattered here & there. Taruna rushed back to her room, was in awe to watch her mother-in-law in such a condition and screeched out of fear, and still unknown to the remorseful fact.
The leading news channel still had its hot breaking news selling like hot cakes with “Pulwama main aatankwadi hamle k doraan shahid hue desh ke 40 CRPF Jawans.” Taruna’s eyes shifted to the TV screen and soon she discovered her heart stopped beating while they unleashed the list of martyrs. Mrs. Geeta was still out of the world and her eyes fixed as vacant. Taruna turned into a dead body only after leaving a lung-bursting screech, “NOOOOO!!!!”. Neither she cried, nor she moved from there.
Rahul, their only son, was growing older studying in a nearby govt. school in the remote village of Rupnagar. He came running back from school and shouting out loud , “Maa, I am very hungry, please give me some food, maa. Maaa, Maaa!!” After a loud three to four round of calling, his voice returned bouncing back to him.
He went inside where he saw his mother and grandmother were encircled with a few neighbour aunties and all their eyes swelled in tears. Soon he discovers his father was martyred in Pulwama but he didn’t realise the gravity of the situation, the scornful loss of his father at the tender age of ten.
Taruna didn’t even receive the minimum amount of his flesh to perform his rituals. It was a dark, very dark , quite unexplainably unscrupulous phase of their lives. Years passed by. Jolly Taruna turned into a responsible mother, and her happiness was almost vanished from the day of the unjust happened to her husband, Lt. Anand Singh. She still managed to laugh, only to for the sake of her son. Mrs. Geeta passed away after three years of the mishap leaving two of them alone.

Eleven years passed by in the flicker of eyes. Today Taruna’s heart was bouncing
up in joy. She noted the date in the calendar circling on 14th february, 2030. She prepared the thali of performing rituals. She called out , “Rahul, come here beta. I’m done with the preparation.” Her face had the glow of happiness, eyes the sparkle of immense faith.

Rahul comes out taller, an inch over than 6 feet. His sharp features made him resemble just like his father, ‘clone’ was the perfect word to put justice! He was enraptured all with glory and pride.
He touched the feet of her mother, she gave her blessings to him at the completion of his rituals. She left a sigh of relief as if a contagious venom has removed out of her heart.
She kissed his forehead and he did the same.
Then he took out the laminated photo of his father kissing him too. He was damn fresh, purred, “Hope I do justice to all your wounds, to all the blemishes of my mother nation, to all the blasphemies and vices our Tricolour has gone through,” and kept it back to his huge bag pack. He kissed his neat and clean uniform too. The uniform he dreamt of wearing one day was now his official attire.
He then left his home to serve his country and left the beckonings of home too.
Taruna’s heart never swelled with much pride like that day. She succeeded to again send her child to serve her mother too, her mother INDIA.
Rahul travelled to serve his love on the new Valentines Day with a new hope, in a mission to clear the spots of BLACK DAY.



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