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Asha’s Asha

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Disappointed with something,Asha is sitting on her chair. “Zindagi Pyar ka geet hai Isey har dil ko gaana Padega, Zindagi gham ka sagar bhi hai, haske us paar jana padega” This song is playing on loop and Asha is drowned in her dreams. Just like her name, she is a hope not only for herself but for the others who are the part of her family. Being the single breadwinner of her Family, she had lots of responsibilities on her which were her priorities. She is an epitome of optimism because she never loses hope and faces every difficulty with a smile on her face. She has lost a lot of precious things in her life including Him. “He” who was her first love. “He” who was special and just looking at his face Asha could forget all her worries. He also left her just like all other good things. But, Asha is full of Asha, she carried on with her life and faced every obstacle with a brighter smile. 


She is lost in thoughts while listening to the song “Jiska jitna ho aanchal ho yahan par, usko saugaat utni milegi, phool zindagi mein naa ho agar kanton se nibhana padega”.and thinks about how she has always adored life despite various difficulties. She remembers her strong determination of becoming a graduate,her strong will made it possible for her to complete her 3 years graduation programme with a Gold Medal.She completed her studies by  winning scholarships and by writing applications for fee concessions on the basis of the financial condition of her family. But this never allowed her to lower her eyes. She knew one day she would repay all these favours by becoming capable and helping other students like her in completing their studies. She remembers how she has always been sacrificing her small wishes. She could walk for 10 Kms daily to and fro for college even in the 40 degree temperature so that she could get her education and save some money for the fulfilment of other important needs.


With her hands folded on the table and chin on hands, she is sitting on the chair with her eyes closed and headphones on. “Hai agar door manzil toh kya, rasta bhi hai mushkil toh kya, Raat taaron bhari na mile toh dil ka deepak jalaana pdega.” She has always followed her heart and never kneel down in front of adverse situations. She has always enjoyed the journey more than the destinations. She always says it is the journey which teaches you the valuable lessons and not the destinations. She has always taken inspiration from her name and always illuminated herself and others with the bright light of hope. She knows Hope brings everything. If there is no hope, there is nothing. It’s her hope only which made her able to complete her studies from one of the best colleges of the city when it was difficult for her family to arrange three meals a day.


She feels rejuvenated after listening to this song as it reintroduces her to herself. “Zindagi ik paheli bhi hai, Sukh dukh ki saheli bhi hai, zindagi ik vachan bhi toh hai jisey sab ko nibhana pdega” She unplugs her head phones and goes out of the door with a charm of something called confidence or “I will win the world” kind of attitude. Perhaps she has understood what she wanted to understand. Perhaps this lesson,that life is the combination  of happiness and sorrows where they both teach us the lessons and make us more wise and stronger at every next step. Life is an experience and not a fruit. It’s a Promise of mine to HIM who resides somewhere in the sky or deep inside our hearts, that I will never let his head bow down. I am his strongest and the main warrior as they always say he gives his toughest battles to fight to his bravest warrior.

Asha is full of Asha now. 


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