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On a Sunday morning,on my way to morning walk,with my bestfriend Asmi;as we headed towards the roadside bin,we encountered a wrapped newborn baby girl in it.

Much to our astonishment,we took her out & wanted to take her to a foster care centre.

In the meanwhile,Asmi called her aunt,who is a lawyer,to know about the further proceedings of what step we are to take.She took us to a woman,whom she knew,was childless & is about to adopt a child soon.

She was quite eager to mother the child but as her husband was out of town,she asked us to wait,till his return.

We, being relieved got back.

Within a week,things changed & the girl was named ‘Atmaja’ by our Aunt & Uncle.

Together,we brought joy/

Together we brought care/

Together,we brought Happiness/

Together we helped lives.

This incident made our duo popular within a night & we have now come up with an organisation ,wherein we are working towards making a ‘Foster-Free world’ & ‘Women Empowerment’.It was last week only that we came from a seminar,spreading the power of Togetherness.

Nothing is impossible,if we’re together.

This Sunday,we have a grand invitation at our aunt’s.Guess what,it’s the rice-giving ceremony of none other than our little ‘Atmaja’.

We’re taking a pledge to be ‘Together’.

Come what may,we will be together to make the world a better place to live in.

Would you like to join us?


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