Bad People

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TANVI: An average-looking but a bright student who always secures rank among top 3 in a class.

MEGHA: Another average-looking but a bright student who always secures rank among top 3 in a class.

AAKANSHA: Prettiest girl of the school and a fashion show practice group leader.

POOJA: A studious girl and friend of TANVI and MEGHA.

TANVI’s MOTHER: A very intellectual and matured woman.


Prettiest teenage girls of a prestigious school gather in a practice hall to prepare for an annual college fashion show. TANVI and MEGHA pass through the corridor. Out of curiosity, they open the practice hall door leading to sunlight to break through the dim light of the hall. Aakansha yells at them and asks them to step inside. Soon, all the pretty girls encircle both and start teasing them about their lifeless oily hairstyle, their glasses and their poor clothing taste exhibited in the various college fests and all. Ultimately, Aakansha warns them not to disturb their practice ever while asking them to leave immediately. TANVI and MEGHA are devastated. They stumble upon Pooja who asks them to concentrate on their studies while labelling those girls as ‘BAD PEOPLE’.

A few days fast forward, during practice, Aakansha’s high heel gives up and she loses balance and falls from the ramp badly injuring her knee and ankle. The doctor recommends her 15 days of bed rest. Since she cannot attend the school; she begins phoning her friends one after another for the notes. The show is only a few days away and final exams are nearing by. Her friends due to time crunch because of practice begin making excuses about giving her notes. For the first time in life, she feels empty from within despite being pretty and having so many friends. Her mom’s voice ‘your friend has come’ disrupts her thoughts while she is almost on the verge of crying. Before she can ask anything further, she sees Tanvi walking towards her with her notebooks in one hand. She sits on a chair lying beside her bed.

In no time, Aakansha starts crying inconsolably by hiding her face from both her hands while ending the room’s pin-drop silence. Tanvi leans towards her to make her stop from crying. She says, “I know how you must be feeling but you need not say sorry’. I found out about your accident overhearing your friend’s phone conversation with you. After reaching home, I narrated the entire incident from scratch to my mom while confessing that it made me feel happy as karma taught you a lesson. She paused for a moment and taught me one of the greatest lessons of my life.

She said; always remember that ‘There Exist No Bad People In This World, Only Unhealthy Attitudes’. When you choose to act out of ‘COMPASSION’ instead of opting for ‘Tit for Tat’ that is when you empower yourself to transform unhealthy attitude into a healthy attitude and that is when you make this world a better place. What you did was your unhealthy attitude but despite knowing about your condition, if I don’t do what I can do that would be my unhealthy attitude. That’s why; here I am to give notes to you. Aakansha hugs Tanvi and Tanvi teases Aakansha by saying ‘By the way, I don’t mind trying a makeover and learning ramp walk if you don’t mind teaching me that’. The room gets filled with positivity, infectious laughter and of course all the GOODNESS of the universe.


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