//Being out of my shell

Being out of my shell

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Hi I’m Elaine. I love singing,dancing but Frankly speaking I was an introvert child and I’m still but not that much. When I was small I was bullied because I was an introvert and they could tackle me easily. I perhaps was the quitest girl in class who would not talk to anyone neither make friends i used to talk to my brothers friends who were two years older then me. I was a shy girl never talked much teachers would say I talked alot. As I went ahead in my classes I started to make friends when I made I didn’t feel like let going. I used to always go home and tell my mom about my friends and she would ask me about them when I used to forget to tell about my stories with my friends. When I came to 8th std in the middle of the year I lost friends they removed me out from their group. I was left alone without friends. This made me disheartened I just lost everything in life that I had. I used to lie at home when mom used to ask me about my friends. I didn’t have the courage to say that I had no friends.  I was all alone. When I reached 9th std I was without friends I used to cry everyday at home . I tried making friends but the most disheartened moment was when my friends removed me out from the group was an unforgettable moment. I tried making friends fitting in various groups but i wasn’t comfortable. I couldn’t get along. I went into stress,tension without friends didn’t have anyone to talk to whether in class or for break time. This led to my downfall for my final exams results where I just passed in maths and my mom wanted to keep me back in 9th std. I felt like I was in the darkness and couldn’t do anything with my life. Because of  my shyness men would try stalking me and give me various looks but this didn’t make me upset for quite a long time . I felt that the more I cry the more I will be stressed up and I knew that if I want to be brave enough to stand up for myself Instead of weeping over spoilt things I need to do it now. This is the time. It’s either you bring a change in life rather then regreting for the rest of your life. I began making friends from 10th std onwards which were the best people who I enjoyed my time with who I made memories with. After 10th std people felt that I’m a shy girl introvert I won’t be able to do anything I’ll always remain like this but this didn’t make me feel that I can’t do. But these words of people motivated me to become more brave in life to stand up for myself and to be independent. Everyday after school I would come by bus and do my own shopping for my assignment and stuff. This showed me that as a person I may be shy but if I keep on saying to myself that don’t let people words shed you away don’t let people words put you down then anything is possible in life. Always have a positive attitude in life then anything is possible. Now I’m in college I have many friends alot and I go by bus and come by bus home. I’m independent on my own. In life you don’t need to prove anyone when you know what type of a person you are don’t need to worry you will slowly get over your comfort zone get over your shyness it will take time. But it will be for good. I remember the first time I was given money for the bus I felt I wouldn’t be able to come home by bus because I have never been in a bus all alone but I didn’t loose hope. I said to myself so what if I have never been on a bus all alone I need to learn to be independent in life instead of getting everything easily on a plate. Nothing comes easy in life you need to slog it out unless you don’t slog it you don’t know. Unless your not independent in life it will be difficult further on to be away on your own with parents. I know that now my parents are there for me but further on they won’t be there I need to learn to live my life on my own. And to those who are shy always say u can do so never say  you can’t. And this is the time to come out from your shell show people what your capable of. Don’t think things are going to come easily unless you slog you won’t realize the pinch.


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