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Beyond thd rainbow.

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As Raman softly sings;


‘Khadda hoon aaj bhi waheen, ki dil phir bekarar hai

Khada hoon aaj bhi waheen, ki tera intezaar hai.’


I close my eyes, a portal opens up, I see a time machine, I walk inside.

It’s 2014,

I see myself desperately waiting for you at the same place where you left me.

I see myself staring at the rainbow, which’s only visible to me.

I try to go past it, but like a mirage, it fades away.

Five years, it’s breaking me down, you’re not around.

I’m falling apart and tore at the seams, and even though we’re two worlds apart, every last cell in me craves to see you one more time.

Perhaps, just a glimpse would soothe my rugged heart.


“Choo Lo jo mujhe tum kabhi, kho na jaoon main raat din.

Nazaron mein tum ho basey

Keh do jo tum ek baar, Mere ho bas tum mere.”


The melody hits the perfect strings in my heart, I feel a calm I’ve been looking for a while.


I crave you so much that just a touch would be enough to fill the void in my soul.

Just a caress that would provide my tormented heart with peace, peace strong enough to make me lose the sense of time.

All you have to do is call my name, tell me I’m yours, and I’ll fade away peacefully like ink on water droplets.


“Khada hoon aaj bhi waheen, lagi teri hi aas hai

Kaisi hai yeh bebasi, yeh kaisi dil ki pyaas hai.”


Rooted by love, pain and desperation, I try to hold on tight, waiting for tomorrow, waiting for love, waiting for you.

How much longer, how long can I wait?

It’s like I want to go and give myself away.

Will I ever be able to build a home of my own without you?

Will this voracious thirst inside my heart for your love ever be quenched?


‘Reh jaoonga yuheen, bas yuheen, bas yuheen.’


As Raman’s mellow vocals echo in my mind, all I could think of is;

Maybe, some things in life are forever, like my love and wait for you.

And every time I look up-above,

I search for you, my love.


“Haa main ruka hu

Tu jaa chuka hai.”


The song begins to fade away, coming to an end, and also ending my time travel, bringing me back to reality,

Reality hits me like a kamikaze in my gut;

No matter how long, how desperately I yearn for you and your touch, I know I’ll never reach it, like a sunset you’ll be that one thing I know I’ll never touch.


I stare at your garlanded picture on the wall, as a tear-bead trickles down through the window of my eyes.


“Haan mai wahi hu, tu jaa chuka hai.”


It’s been aeons.

And deep in my heart I know you’re gone, gone forever, like a whisper in the wind.

But, I’m still here calling your name and loving you as no time has passed.

I’m waiting here for you, right under the sky;

Hue after hues,

Season after seasons,

Lifetime after lifetimes,

Hoping to see, touch, feel, kiss, and love you again.

My angels tell me, I’ll be seeing your angels shortly, till then I’ll be right here singing the song of our eternal love.

And I’ll wake up soon on the other side of the rainbow, where you wait for me.


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I'm suvrahadip. 22. An engineer. Writer at times. Spoken word artist. And in love with the ink; on body & paper.

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