Bus Stop

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                             BUS STOP
     The story is about humanity in our current
Generation ….this story addresses that
       Lead characters ( Vishal 45 years old , beggar at the bus stop , Vishal’s mom )
             Early in the morning Vishal as usual gets out for jogging in marine drive . The day was very normal as everyday . He ran one round , two and three . Normally he runs five rounds . Suddenly in the middle of the fourth round he stopped and sat down . The phone rang . He picked up the phone . Boss : ” Is the presentation ready ? , Plzz be on time , today is a very important day . You can get a promotion too , bcoz the CEO is going to come and see your presentation” Vishal : ” Yes , sir sure . Presentation is ready . I did it till 3 ‘ o clock Sir , hope my hardwork pays off ” call ended . He stood up and suddenly started vomitting .
           Vishal started scolding his mother for his vomitting saying that ” Why mom always that same dal again . If you want a fast you alone do it don’t say me , always believing that stupid superstitions . For atleast god’s sake stop this nonsense . I don’t even know whether I will able stand during the presentation ” Mom : ” don’t worry son , u will be fine Lord Krishna is there ” Vishal gave his mom a dirty look and without eating breakfast went out to the work
           Vishal catches normally  the 8 am bus but today he thought of catching the 7 30 am bus as he has to be in time . Bus stop all were very tensed some students had exams , some jerks don’t know whether they will reach on time to the office . Like daily all hated weekdays all were in hurry . And the crowd was large . Chai wala selled chai , there was a beggar like every bus stop has a beggar . The bus came . Vishal didn’t know this people so thought of stepping at last .The bus was already very full . No place at all . The crowd was like they were pushing each other  . Vishal made it between the crowd putted his hand and stepped at the first step . He knewed before stepping that he will faint . He fainted at the first step . Crowd pushed him down in the running bus . He felled down few feets from the bus stop . He was actually in middle of the road . Cars were moving like there was a dog laying down . Time passed no one came to help him . All were seeing him like drug addict who was drugged and fell down . Even he is drug addict a person is in the middle of road I say he needs help . Atlast a beggar in the bus stop . Picked him up brought to the bus stop and splashed some water on his face . Vishal was conscious and drank some water and thanked the begger and gave him 100 Rs . Begger denied that money . Vishal stood there for another bus . He knewed was late it was 8 30 am . He catches the bus , he lands on a window seat . While the bus moved he waved the beggar . The conductor  laughed at him .
            After 2 kilometres the bus which pushed him , the bus he missed was upside down and the crowd was watching like a circus . All were bleeding , some said it was the bus driver’s mistake some said the mistake was of the biker . They didn’t knewed the biggest  mistake is standing and not helping them . The ambulance came . They were about 50 people injured badly . Vishal’ s bus was at the spot . The bus was moving slowly Vishal thought for a second ” I am getting late already ” in his mind this two words kept in repeating ” Promotion , Helping : Promotion , Helping ???? ” a big question mark .


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