//Car Full of Happiness

Car Full of Happiness

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A 12-year old kid Finn who used to pass by a road daily while going to his school, he waited for the signal to turn red for 45 seconds so that he can use the zebra-crossing to go the other path, he always wondered why his parents can’t afford a car during the 45 seconds while he waited. One fine day he asked his Dad to get a car for them, his father without mentioning their financial crisis said that they will get a car someday. Every Sunday Finn asked his father the same question and in reply he said the same statement that “they will get a car someday”.

As a kid Finn didn’t understood his father’s reply and thought as if he was rude to him weeks passed by Finn’s curiosity for the cars got higher and he was frustrated with his fathers answer. Usually on the road Finn just used to observe the cars but one fine day he observed the peoples in the car, he found something very strange that most of the people in the car were not happy, on the very same day he noticed something unusual on the other corner of the road, the signal turned red and he went to the other side of the road, he saw a poor man on the street, the man was carrying his child on one hand and a bag on the other hand with a huge smile on his face, the poor man than sat down on the road side and with a very happy face removed a toy car out of his bag and gave it to his child, the child was happier than his father.

That day Finn realized that the car he wanted was a toy car, on the other Sunday he insisted his father to get him a toy car and his father bought one for him. Finn understood the fact that “You can’t be sad and expect life to be happy”, it’s time for us to understand this.


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