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टूटती बेड़ियाँ

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“प्रीति....प्रीति, अरे ! सुनो तो ज़रा कहाँ हो ? इधर आना तो प्लीज़।“ “क्या हुआ रजत ! क्यों चीख रहे हो ?” रसोईघर से भाग कर आती हुई प्रीति ने हाथ साफ कर कपड़ा टेबल पर रखते हुए पूछा। “देखो [...]

Leap Year

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  I have been talking myself through writing this piece. I do not know why I am afraid of letting my heart be shown. I am the kind of person who usually wears her heart on her sleeve but I [...]

Change Yet To be Done

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When we hear the word “Change” what comes into our mind. Change in the opinion of society, change for women empowerment or what else? Here I am talking about the change in the outlook of society towards women which is [...]

A stream of awareness

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As I walked down the dusty long lane leading towards the banks of the serine river in the outskirts of our village, I pondered over the frailty of life, of how uncertain it is to endeavor the epitome of happiness [...]

Little Maddy

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A little boy who was born with much care and amidst some distress. The boy who brought smiles in the lives of others, a cherry pie, a munchkin, a cutie pie, he was looked after by everyone. With time, his [...]