//Count your blessings.

Count your blessings.

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We humans are strange creatures. We keep planning things for future but forget to live in the present. So even when we get what we were planning for, we are not satisfied. But imagine,  putting all your hard work and dedication into something and not getting it? That’s as sad as it sounds. But you never know , what the future holds..maybe it’s way better than what you were planning for!

     So there was this girl called Akinam–very studios and obedient yet  very happy and bubbly. She had this dream of becoming a doctor one day. So she pursued Science after 10th and joined coaching for medical entrance examination. She did all the hard work that she could. At this age , her other friends and classmates were chilling around making new friendships, relationships, partying, going for movies and just enjoying the last two years of school life. But Akinam , she was focused on her goal. She used to go to school first, then coaching which was quite far from her home. She used to come home late at night but never rested a bit. She used to study till 3:00 in the morning and got up for school at 6:00 . Life was tough but so was Akinam. Nothing could distract her from her dream. After two years of diligence , the D-Day came. She went for the exam and was quite confident that she would crack it. But she could not get a seat in a government college and due to some financial issues , she had to drop the idea of taking admission in a private college. Even though she had excelled in boards and had secured very good marks, she wasn’t happy. All her dreams and sacrifices of two long years shattered in front of her and all she could do was to cry. She just wanted to ask god–”Why me? Even after working so hard , why couldn’t you give me the only wish I ever had?” She was very saddened by this and refused to talk to anyone and even to eat. She didn’t even had any backup plan.

Then one day she received a letter from the Government of India regarding a scholarship programme. The programme was focused to encourage young minds like hers to pursue basic sciences. Akinam became excited for it and that was the moment she realised that even when she did not have a backup plan , God had one for her and that all her hard work did not go in vain. God was watching and planning something bigger for her.

So , it’s completely okay not to have a plan. The only thing that pays is one’s hard work and dedication. If you are dedicated towards your work or whatever you want , just stay focused…maybe you won’t get what you were planning for but something even more valuable.



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