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Course Correction

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Trust is a thing, she felt. Imagine a world where this virtue did not exist. Can you? It would be such a scary planet to live on then.

Suraj was going through terrible trust issues and it was concerning that he was projecting them onto others. The only son of his parents, he had probably grown up to be a self- absorbed and insensitive person. He was charming, talented, likeable, but he was the other things too. Suraj and Shikha worked together and had been in the same firm for a good six years.

Shikha had an inkling that something wasn’t quite right about the way things were proceeding as far as her ‘friendship – wanting to be – relationship’ with Suraj and so she was not expressing anything to him. Just around that time her immediate supervisor told her that Suraj was already in a relationship with another girl in the office which confirmed whatever Shikha felt.

After all that had happened Shikha left her job. Shikha also had personal difficulties and familial responsibilities at the time and felt that she could really not do justice to the way her dispute with Suraj and her supervisor compounded to an extent that later they never saw each other.

Shikha then started attending a writing forum as she was trying to understand what to do with her life after leaving her job. Eventually she moved to another city.

Before she left, she had met a guy at the writing forum, Vikas, who used to like Sudha, another girl who also was a part of the forum.

Even after leaving her hometown, she kept in touch with her writing mentor through email and had even called her twice.

After a much – needed break which lasted around a year and a half, Shikha returned back to her hometown.

Yet again Shikha started attending her writing class and realized that just like her issues with Suraj because of which they were distanced, Vikas was going through a difficult time with Sudha. She knew from her own experience that it was very difficult to talk to people when you are dealing with such situations and thus never questioned Vikas about it.

Shikha had found a friend in Vikas and it was important for her to be with him without making it obvious that she was. She felt maybe he would not like her being there for him when they did not know each other that well. Shikha also respected his family and preferred to keep a distance as they wouldn’t have liked it otherwise.

Around that time Vikas and Shikha had a dispute but Shikha shrugged it off as she understood what he wanted from her and thus showed him exactly what he would have liked to see!

After a few months, as Shikha had hoped, Vikas and Sudha got back together and Shikha was content that as much as Vikas had done for her, she could also do something in return for him. Shikha then moved away from their lives hoping that they would always be happy, knowing very well that her role in their life was over.

Shikha landing up in Vikas’s life just at the time when he needed it was a means of course correction for her life to learn the lesson of ‘giving in return’ whatever it is that you receive. She learnt it and moved on.


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