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Creating an equal and a happy locality

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Amrita was getting late for college. Not trusting any public transport to reach her destination on time, she laced up her sneakers and hacked through the busily moving people. Many were yelling at her to go slow.

“Won’t this girl ever stop?” One middle-aged man said to his friend after being pushed out of her way. Soon the man was in for a surprise when he saw her abruptly halt in the middle of the pathway. She stood by a girl of around 10, selling flowers. She bought a good amount of flowers from her and then again dashed off. Intrigued, he followed her. She hurried to another lane where she encountered a little boy who too was selling flowers. She handed him the flowers she had bought from the girl and scampered away.

The man following her was confused. He asked the little boy about the flowers.

“Amrita didi always helps me in ways she finds suitable. Sometimes she would give me buns and butter. Sometimes a whole bread packet. Many times flower bunches  like these. She says she is just trying to make some lives better on her way to college.”

“Very interesting.”



 Amrita was again late. The last time she got up this late was roughly around two months back. She again rushed for it. Once again struggling with the crowd, she was on her way to the college when she suddenly spotted the girl who used to sell flowers, after a very long time. She was in a school uniform, sitting on the edge of the pathway reading a book.

“Hey, Meenu. So long. Where have you been?” Amrita asked.

“Didi, I have been here only. Just don’t sell flowers these days. Mitesh Bhaiyya got me admitted in a school. So these days, I am studying always.”

“Mitesh Bhaiyya. Good. Actually I should have done that in the first place.” Amrita mumbled.

“It doesn’t matter who does what as long as it is a good deed.” Suddenly a man’s voice from behind startled Amrita. She looked back and saw a middle-aged man smiling at her.

“Mitesh bhaiyya!” The girl quipped.

” And you are Amrita didi. The children here fondly call you that. I know.” Mitesh said.

“How…?” She was in splits.

“You did me a favor. You awakened me from my long ignorant sleep. Do you remember that day when you forcibly pushed me out of your way while you were hurrying for the college?”

“I do that daily, sir.” She giggled.

“Well, I was about to confront you. I followed you and saw what you did on your way to college. You used to help the poor kids with their business and sometimes even used to buy them food.”

“Little things that I could manage with my pocket money, sir.” She remarked.

“I was ashamed of myself when I saw you. That day, I found out not only these two kids, you were helping a lot more in your locality. You inspired me to be a bit helpful to the people in need. Of course I am not a rich man, but I am well off to take care of the education expenses of a couple of kids. I will spread the word. Hope many of us come forward into creating an equal and a happy, I won’t say world, but at least a locality which would go long way in creating a wonderful world.”

Amrita smiled reciprocating.

Very glad to share this story of Mitesh and Amrita who I had the pleasure of meeting long back in a train journey.





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    Such an inspiring story. Loved it😊


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