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This story might be little short but can win million of hearts. This story is written for not winning the contest but wanted the people to read this. I am overwhelmed that I got this opportunity to write and share with all of you.  In addition to my insights this story can encourage and inspire the readers in their hard times. This story could be the story of mine , yours and third person. It does not make a difference to which it relates. Besides this, the father of this story could be my father, your father and the father of every girl who sacrificed a lot to make her independent and for the bright future.

For me life is like a game resultant of which is a fun. When we win people celebrate
this happiness with great fun and joy but when the contrary happens people even celebrate it by making fun of losers . This is how life is confined only to the fun.

Chapter 1. Girl’s Passion

The story starts with a girl who belong to the middle class family. Her father had a small grocery shop and her mother was busy housekeeping. This girl always had a passion to achieve the great height of success and even her parents and grandparents always wanted her the same. This family makes the study completed of her girl child from their hard earned money.

One day her parents asked “what do you want to become in your life?”

She replied, “I want to become a great attorney in my life.” For quite a while her parents stared at the girl child and went into deep thought.

She further asked, “Am I mistaken?”

Her parents replied, “No you made us proud”.

Then she said, I grow up to do the family proud. And not only that , I did grow up to make the whole world proud.

Her parents was very pleased and they blessed her and hugger her.

Chapter 2 : Sacrifice by the father for his daughter

After completing the study she wanted to pursue her bachelor studies to accomplish her goal. But to make study hard and achieve this goal was her priority. It is true to say that to get success in life hard work is necessary and there is no alternative for that. It was challenged to pursue her bachelor studies in a very less income.

Accordingly, her father borrowed some money on interest to get her admission in the top college/university. The money was borrowed for stipulated time period. Her girl started study with full dedication and sincerity. She has left no stone unturned. Her parents were constantly serving her whether dreaming, sleeping or awake in all three states they were by her side.

Her father was not able to pay the interest timely due to which those heartless and spiteful people used to insulted them with terrible curses. They used to create all this drama and say “we will beat you with the stick” if you didn’t pay interest on time. Additionally, they wanted to let the people know and low down their reputation in the society.

The most shocking part is “none of the people in the society lifted a finger in defense or even uttered a word.”

Chapter 3: The Mind of a girl

On seeing, she asked, “dad why they were insulting you?”

He replied, “you just  focus on your study by ignoring all these rubbish because you have to accomplish your goal.

Think what will happen next?

After few days, those people visited their house again just to create all this drama again and on that all the truth is being revealed before the girl.

What will she be thinking now?

She thinks, “how evil those persons are”!!

The hidden fact is that her parents were not aware that she came to know everything.

Now a question arises, “what she has been decided now?”

She decides, “I’ll find a great job right after completing bachelors study. Her study was about to complete within 6 months.

Soon after the completion of 6 months one day she got a opportunity by the college for getting place in top company. She grabbed this opportunity and got placed by the company.

After getting place in the top company she started to repay all the debt taken by his father for her educational purposes. On seeing this, her father seems to be very  happy and said “you made my life brighter than I ever thought possible.”

The story ends up with a saying, “you gave me a life to live  by repaying all the debt and thanks to the god for blessing me a daughter like you.”


About the Author:

Hello, My name is Shalu Gupta. I am fond of reading books and writing inspiring stories.

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