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She tried the gym… She tried the jog… Tried going on a healthy diet… Tried reading fitness blogs…

But all in vain! Poor Madhu. One would really feel for her as she had tried so hard to lose weight.

What was her fault? Her fault was that she was overweight, and preferred having dates with cheesy Pizzas and delectable Burgers.

She’s relatable right? Well, this is the story of Madhuparna Hazra, a sweet and simple Bengali girl, whom each and every chubby and plump girl will identify with. She is mocked, teased, ridiculed, and made the butt of the banter, no matter how pretty or kind she is. She is fat, and that’s a crime!

“What’s the measurement of your waistline?”

“You look like a football. Hahhaaaahaaa!!!”

“Do you even fit into anything?”

“Who will marry you dear with this kind of figure?”

This was what Madhuparna was used to hearing. Every day, every moment…

Rejection from guys and criticism from others, all these were not new to her at all.

As a result, after a while, she couldn’t take it anymore. She was hurt, depressed, and became a loner cut off from the rest. What’s even worse was that she became suicidal in nature.

Her best friend felt sorry for her and said –

“I can’t see you like this Madhu. I understand what you are going through. Why don’t you take a short solo trip? Trust me, you will feel much better, sweetheart. I am busy or else, I would have come with you. You really need to spend time with yourself.”

Little did Madhuparna know that it was going to be a life-changing vacation.

She decided to go to a reserve forest destination – Dooars. And my my! It was one fairytale of a forest. So green! So serene! So beautiful!

It was early evening and the safari sightseeing was over. It was time to see some folk dance. And it was wonderful!

The lead folk dancer requested Madhuparna, and a few other girls and women to join in. At first, Madhu didn’t agree. But then, she nervously took a chance.

There was music and melody all around. She swayed with utmost grace. Forgetting the world and herself, she was in a completely different space. What an experience!

With every single move, suicidal Madhuparna suddenly felt alive. Each and every dance step of hers was applauded by the crowd. She felt like the most special and beautiful girl in the world.

7 years later –

Madhuparna Hazra is in London for a huge dance event organized by one of the Bengali Committees out here. She will be performing as a part of a prestigious dance troupe.

This is a changed Madhuparna, a new Madhu. A fit and curvy beauty with an absolutely different mindset.

Before the show, she’s busy penning down a poem in her diary.

The last 4 lines read –

Now I treasure my own identity

I live my life my way

A world famous dancer, happy & confident

Dancing my heart away…

By Shinjini Banerjee


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