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The story is about Deepa Malik, the first Indian woman to win a Paralympics medal, a motorsport enthusiast, and a motivational speaker.

DEEPA MALIK was born on 30th Sep 1970, in Bhaiswal. She was born to VEENA and COLONEL  BK NAGPAL.

Deepa was born as normal child, but when she was 5 years old a spinal tumor was detected in her body.

She had then  undergone a surgery, had removal of tumor, followed by rehabilitation and started walking again at the age of 9. So the age of 6-9 were very challenging  for her.

Since childhood she was fond of sports.  She was in Rajasthan state level cricket team , played basketball , and was a good swimmer too.

And life just went on.

She got married to COLONEL BIKRAM SINGH.  And they were living as happily married couple.

But life had different plans for her.

During her second pregnancy she had a severe backache problem – something very common in expecting mothers. The doctors assumed it was due to the extra weight she had put on during pregnancy.

Deepa gave birth to a normal baby.But her backache  didn’t relieved . Infact  her pain got worse. And then it became so bad that she couldn’t even bend down to lift her baby!So what got wrong with her?

Deepa got  a tumor in her spinal column. The doctor gave her two options that either she live with the tumor and live a short life, or to be operated upon and live a longer but paralyzed life. And she chose the second option.

But before being operated upon, she demanded to call her husband who was then in Kargil war. She narrated him that she is not going to walk again after her operation. To which her husband replied “That I will carry you in my arms for your entire  life,but you just remain alive.

And she then got operated.  Even after undergoing three surgeries that resulted in almost 200 stitches,she was still left paralyzed below the waist. Since then Deepa is bound to a wheelchair,but the disability couldn’t cage her free spirit. Although it take her 2-3 years of her life to accept her disability but when  she recuperated,there was no looking back.

She ran an successful catering business for seven years. And then at the age of 36,she decided to pursue her career in sports.  And in 2016 DeepaMalik,scripted history by becoming the first Indian woman athlete to win a silver  medal in the Paralympic games.

But the win didn’t come easy. Deepa Malik had put an lot of hardwork and dedication to achieve this milestone. She wakes up at 05:00 in morning and she has to manage her bladder and bowel movement as very first thing in the morning. She doesn’t have torso or stomach muscles so she has to time her light meals carefully. Every time she is on training she has to follow her physiotherapy sessions strictly to avoid spasms. She do  practice 4-5 hours in morning,then 3-4 hours  in the  evening everyday.

Deepa Malik since then had achieved 58 national and 18 international  medals in javelin throw,discus throw and shot put.

She was also awarded with Padmashri Award in 2017, Arjun Award in 2012 and many more accolades.

So Deepa Malik with her amazing and record-breaking accomplishments has given an clear message to the world that Limitation is never of body, but is of mind. If one sees a dream, has passion for it and takes an courage to pursue it, then  there is nobody in the universe who can halt such an legendary soul.

J.R.R Tolkien well said that “All we have to decide is what to with the time given to us.”


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