//Destiny, Depression, Disappointment, and Daadi

Destiny, Depression, Disappointment, and Daadi

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Part One

The water around her was turning dull and tepid, and she couldn’t wait to get out. Her friends were thinking the same thing as they lay around, beneath, and above her.

Lima sighed. “This is boring! I cannot wait to get out of this stupid lukewarm water. Lemo, can you try to push me outside?”

Lemo below was bored too. But he was not affected by Lima’s impatience.

“What is the big hurry? We’ll be out soon. Be patient.”

Limmy, who was even below Lemo, yelled “At least you are near the surface. Those of us below can barely breathe and will probably be picked last. SO SHUT UP!”

“For someone who can barely breathe, you have a lot of energy to scream,” murmured Nimbi, who was in the far corner from Limmy. Soon a fight erupted, and even the calmer ones joined the angry clamour.


Part Two

Tara lay on her bed, alternating between scrolling through Instagram and Facebook. She stopped at one of the pictures. Scrolled further, stopped at another picture.

“Wow, that’s two in a day, and it didn’t even take me a minute to get to the next,” she mumbled.

Her grandmother lying next to her piped up. “What didn’t even take a minute?”

Tara looked over at her. “Daadi, I thought you were sleeping.”

Daadi grinned. “I was, but I’m always listening to you, doesn’t matter how deeply asleep I am.”

“Another one of my former classmates got married. And just when I thought that was it for the day, I saw yet another engagement announced. I think I should stop using social media. Everyday someone posts pictures from their wedding, engagement, honeymoon, or baby shower. Yet here I am in my bedroom, with no prospect of getting married anytime soon. It’s depressing.”

Tara got off the bed, heading to the kitchen. She’d kept some lemons soaking in warm water which she would juice and use to lighten her skin. Always dusky-skinned, Tara firmly believed her complexion was the reason she was still single.

Daadi quietly followed.


Part Three


WHOOPPEEEE! There she is!” Lima yelled. “Guys, let’s get sliced!!!

This was what the lemons had always waited for: to be turned into juice. At least that’s what they’d always been told the pinnacle of their lives would be.

“Cut me up!” screamed Nimmy. “No, me!” implored Limun who was among the ones at the bottom.


Part Four

“Tara, why did you pick this small lemon, not that big one? Why this slightly bruised one, not that fresh, plump one?” daadi asked.

Tara was puzzled. “Umm, just randomly…”

Daadi replied “Now hear this old woman out. Just like you picked the lemons randomly, perhaps it was those girls’ and boys’ destinies to have married before you. The lemons will be juiced regardless of when you pick them. Your time will come too, so stop putting yourself down”

Tara absorbed this, and thoughtfully continued to juice the lemons. Then she found one that was brown and a bit mushy.

“Aha. Look daadi. This one is just like me. It’s never getting picked. Your theory is great, but I don’t think it is 100% accurate.”

Without missing a beat, daadi shot back. “So what if that lemon isn’t juiced? Its rind can still be dried and powdered. And have you forgotten the seeds? Just plant a few of them and see in a few years, how many fruits that tree will yield. Not everyone may have the same destiny, but that does not mean there cannot be a happy ending!”


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