//Don’t Let It Consume You

Don’t Let It Consume You

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Scarlett’s was really nervous but she couldn’t show that expression on her face. One show of her real emotions and the paparazzi would have a field day writing about it in all the gossip journals.

It was Mental Health Awareness Week and she had been invited as one of the many guests to render a speech in the reputed Bridgeton University.

Her speech were words written from the heart and not copied from the Internet. These were her own raw emotions which she had often talked about in her songs.

She did not have a flair for rendering speeches in her school days,but being in the public eye for around three years had given her a lot of confidence.

Now it was her turn to give the speech. She confidently walked up to the stage in her black Prada heels.

She took a deep breath and started her speech by introducing herself.

“Some years back,I was in the darkest moment of my life. I had zero self-confidence in my abilities. That was very unlike me back when I was 5. I was a very confident and loud 5 year old. If the 5 year old me had met the 17 year old me back then,that little girl would literally scold the 17 year old me for having such low self esteem.

I gradually started losing interest in the daily things that I loved doing;like singing,watching web series,writing,dancing. I did not feel like doing them at all. And I let it consume me gradually. I was just a lifeless shell,all motivation gone out of the window.

I lived like a robot;going to school,coming back home,eating,sleeping and repeating. Those things did not mean anything to me anymore. I gave up on singing as well as I thought I was no good at it and that there were people better than me and it really would not count in the real world.

Then my online friend of one year,we were both huge fans of the  Harry Potter. How many of you are Potterheads here ?”

Quite a lot of people raised their hands.

“So you know what dementors are. For those who don’t,dementors are the creatures who suck out your soul,take away all your positive feelings like hope,happiness and fill you with despair and the thought that you’ll never be cheerful again. And for them to not remove the positivity,you need to cast a patronus, a protector to repel the dementors. If you don’t,the dementors will consume you and leave you empty with no hope till you die.

My friend inspired me to follow this beautiful thing from our favourite book series. Dementors are like the negative feelings that make our lives empty,take away our happiness,leave us with despair and helplessness. If we allow them,they will continue to do so until we pass away.

If we seek help when we really need to,just like the patronus,there is hope for our recovery. Don’t let the dementors get you down. Don’t let the negative feelings consume you. You have to fight. You have to live. You can’t and should not give up. Fight the bad feelings. Seeking help will not make you weak. It will help you live. Thanks to my friend I can make music and spread awareness to young people like you. I hope that anyone who is struggling will seek the help. Please never give up. You are not alone. I know how it feels like,but don’t give up”.

Scarlett ended her speech some five minutes later. The entire auditorium was filled with a standing ovation.She hoped that people would follow her advice.


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