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As a child,i never knew what exactly dream was?

The only thing i knew was dream is something that i wanted to achieve.There,I started to dream about every little thing possible.I dreamt of walking while crawling,running while walking.As I achieved my little dreams,the very next dream was a little bigger than the previous one.

You might be seeing ,children telling their dreams..they start telling I want to become a doctor,lawyer,singer,dancer and the twist is their list never ends..and for this action of little children parents feel proud and remaining start laughing at that.

This is where we have to appreciate them,even without knowing what it takes to acheive they start dreaming about it.

So, basically for me dreaming is about achieving what I don’t have.It might look silly but as a child I even dreamt of a joint family as mine was a nuclear family ,for me joint family was a base for many lessons of life.

  1. So,to all the youngsters I just wanna tell that-its not necessary to know what it takes to achieve a dream ,once you start dreaming you will automatically know what it takes to achieve it.So,start dreaming then everything falls in path.And don’t mistaken that only dreaming is enough to achieve you obviously need to work on it.”The harder you dream,the harder you work for it”.

Coming back to my life,at the end of my schooling in my 10th standard I had to choose a “so called career”.I had many options to get on!!And everything was a little or more different from usual study I undergone till that date.Then, I decided to choose something bigger and uncommon.And this is what made me to choose a great course which is often reffered to be “course for tough people the “CHARTED ACCOUNTANCY”.To be frank, it was a little like carreer for me,it was more of a ‘ dream’ which i had to achieve at any cost.

To my suprise,my parents where against this and reason for this is a very common one ” the society”,as usual they started telling my parents that it was a tough course,it might take many efforts,being a girl is it required to invest for her for this course,what if she fails..they always have a never ending queries about others choices.But then, I didn’t step back nor I argued with society .I had no concern about others because it’s “my dream”,only i have the right to shape it as I like.Yeah!at that point of time,i never knew what would it take to become a Charted accountant (CA).But,i believed in my dream,and that made me know about how to work in order to achieve my dream.I  wanted to experience it all myself, afterall it was my dream.

2.So my dear readers,know about others experiences  and make your step but don’t be in an assumption that even you will experience the same and then don’t blame yourself for expecting it to be the same.Just small thing,even you create something which is already there ,no one will recognise you so do something new, experience something new…that’s what will bring you recognition.

Now in my life,it was the time where I’m waiting for the result of my first step (CPT)towards my dream.Finally,results were out and I realised that it was my very “first failure”. Everything turned upside down, 7 marks less than qualifying mark made me to work again in the same thing for next 7 months.As i went against my parents now I’m answersable to them .At this point everyone think about how to face the society but few realise that it’s very hard to face ourself.Especailly,after first failure I wasn’t be able to face myself because I was facing the ” failed me” for the very first time.Here,i was struggling to face myself and there enters my so called relatives and neighbours.They were all ready waiting outside the door of mind,with their criticisms .I never wanted to open that door neither to receive them nor to answer them.I sat back ,and started answering myself rather than others.

3.At your failure, there will be a huge crowd around you withhelding their criticisms.Strict NO to them.Just don’t bother and start working to bounce back.

I was answerable to my parents to a greater extent than to others.So,i had to answer them…

So ,this comes up with suggestions ,very common ones among them are..

>Learn from failures.

So,what did i learn from my failure?

Most importantly, I learnt to face the failure .I learnt to work harder,analyse myself,cross check myself,and I learnt to apply ” give and take rule” in my education too.When you share your knowledge the other one too shares his knowledge,this helps you to know more.when you tell your perspective of a issue the other tells you his perspective ,this helps you to know different perspective of every issue.

Then coming to the saying

> Everything happens for good!

What good did i gain from my failure??

Isn’t it learning many things good for me? Obviously it was!!

I saw the positive side of my failure,I told myself this attempt would give me just a qualification but i deserve more.I have to work for distinction this time.And next what else ,i started preparing for distinction .

Coming to criticisms part of mine…people questioned me this way…Dream about what u deserve ,why are you trying to fly to skies.

And now I’m using this opportunity to  answer everyone of them …

If I deserve something,why do i need to dream about it,by doing little things i can get it.Dream for something bigger ,dream for achieving what you want to be. “Bigger  bigthe dreams,bigger the success and happiness.

The one starving for inspiration has to know the failure stories,before knowing the success stories .


Hoping this work of mine would inspire all my readers.

All the best.

Start dreaming,you will automatically fall in the race based on how hard you dreamt.


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