//Every Thunderstorm Has A Rainbow

Every Thunderstorm Has A Rainbow

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The sky felt too gloomy, and a bit dusty. She was
waiting outside the hospital with her parents, as she had
to go through a MRI SCAN.
This story is of a 9 year old, dillydallying girl, who’s
too shy and a bit nerve cracking. From her childhood,
the stars, moons and asteroids have always taken her all
mind up. Yes, you guessed it right!! She dreams to fly
to that infinite calm land one day.”THE SPACE”.
This girl, she was just average in all what she does. Be
it dancing, painting, studies or just being herself. But
here dreams and aspirations are what that makes her
extraordinary. Born to two love birds, she’s their only
saving for the future.
At a very delicate age of 9, she’s been diagnosed with a
rare idiopathic problem. At such tender age, she has to
go through couple of scans and a every week meet with
the practitioner.
She’s been laid down by all her friends but she had a
very beautiful family, who always gifted her bundles of
smiles and happiness. The pain of those scans neverhaunted her, under the shadow of those precious
During her exams in 6th standard, they’ve been given
an option to choose between the two languages
FRENCH or SANSKRIT. All looked upon her that how
can she choose French and made fun of her, after
seeing her name in the list.
Little they knew that, she studied it day and night,
making herself a pro in French.
Now, the fellows came to, the 9th standard and they all
OLYMPIAD, none of them expected that the always
looked down girl, yes she, would secure a rank 3
All her mates and her faculties would be shocked. She
in behavior was very quiet and didn’t had much friends.
That day everyone realized that, it doesn’t need a
perfect body to see dreams, but passion and hard work is required.


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