//Expectations are beautiful nightmares

Expectations are beautiful nightmares

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Expectations are beautiful nightmares because when your satisfied with what you have , you learn to discover best out of waste . Whereas when you expect something which isn’t in your fortune at that phases there’s a birth of regrets.

I used to see a girl in stadium, when I use to go for jogging. She was an athletic player . I have been seeing her since last four years. She was very punctual to her practices. I might have skipped two to three days in a week but she wasn’t.

She was a cheetah in the ground. There was no competition to her. She just had a next level of stamina. When she use to pass by it  felt like sports bike have just crossed. Might be many of the other people got inspired by her strong sense of potential and enthusiasm. She was a natural goals setter and had  inner desire to succeed.

As the saying goes”there’s no rose without a thorn”. On the other hand she was under financial hardships. She belongs to a middle class family. Her father was a waiter in a restaurant. She has two more siblings who was very young and used to go to school. Even though she was a bright student she was dropped out of the school because of unpaid fees. Yet she didnot gave up on her studies . She use to give tutorial classes . Which was enough for her family to come out from extremely worst financial crisis.

After running on fumes she was selected for a competition. But her shoe didn’t supported her , the shoe was torn down and got holes at the base of the shoe but still she used to manage. May be she knew that her father cannot afford to buy a new athletic shoe.

While doing a dry run . A kind and generous gentleman saw her shoe. He said “your shoe is torn can I buy a pair for you”. She agreed.

She was deadly waiting for that man. She sat down on the ground saw her old shoe and smiled and was wondering how she would feel the comfort of the new shoe.

The time has passed from down to dusk. She got very upset her enthusiasm and excitement had just burnt into ashes. When the man didn’t turned up.

On the day of competition, there was huge crowd gathered to see her performance. But her faced wasn’t showing so. May be that expectations of a new show had just decline her confidence.

Every player was set on the tracks but she wasn’t focusing on the run rather she was observing her shoe .

The whistle was blown . The race started. She ran few meters her legs tremble and it looks like a fish out of the water . She was finding it difficult to run in that old shoe. Gradually her speed got descending and she was left behind.

Hence she lost her race . The desires have just got broken into million pieces.

Always keep your expectations on what you have to earn not on those things which you need to lend.




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