//First Call Letter!!

First Call Letter!!

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I almost gave interview in 5 to 6 schools, and as a mother waits for her child to return home from school,I was waiting same to receive the call for my selection..

I didn’t had any degree,I dn’t completed my graduation, I just gave my H.S.C exam and applied for a job.

I was not in need of money,but I wanted to help the Royal man who was carrying the responsibility of all on his shoulders.

And that day,I received my call letter I was shortlisted for an interview I was very happy, I gave an written test,and was asked about my education, yes I said I dn’t have a degree of highly qualified education but I am hardworking and I will perform my best and with this attitude I was selected for the designation of Pre- primary educator..

I was very happy,my happiness had no boundaries,and without wasting a day I resumed to my dreams, and the day came when I received my first salary of RS. 750/-

it was the best moment of my life which I will cherish lifetime…

It was not just salary but the certificate, appreciation of my Hardwork.. and as it was my first experience I was happy with some of my education I could contribute my knowledge to this little ones…

Managing college, submissions,and job was not easy but,this was very important for me ,my expectations were less and dreams was big so I got selected in many other schools with this first experience, and got good Amount of salary only and only because of experience I had…

We come across this generation is not at all satisfied with their salary which is offered them,but if you wish to get more and as per your expectations , experience is only the ladder which can help you to climb up the Success..

If you believe in yourself,if you are hardworking ,your vision is clear,you are offered more than your expectations…

But,giving Weightage only to the figure,if experience is zero you have to face lot of problems,because when you work you not only work for yourself,you work with people,people of multiple personalities, competitors,facilitators which challenges you all the time at that time the pressure of work is too much that people even resign,some fight,some argue but who always has a attitude of learning those people accept ,and work on their mistakes…

This all years I have learned experience many things which has made me more strong and powerful…

And that’s the reason my first job,my first salary will always be cherished in my life!!

“Always take time to cherish every single moment you get, and always take a second to remind yourself how special that moment truly is and just how lucky you are to have it… remember that there is someone somewhere wishing it was their moment.” “Every moment is a memory waiting to happen.”


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