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Floris Bakker

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“Floris Bakker is a very bad man.” My wife Anna used to say. Yup, he was a bad man. He lended money to others for interest and send his goons to thrash them if they didn’t payed back on time.

Fortunately I didn’t had the oppurtunity to borrow money from Floris Bakker. But still he didn’t smiled at me, eventhough I always smiled at him.

Anyway who would smile at a poor baker, especially the wealthiest man in the town, Mr Floris Bakker.

His surname is of my profession. Yes his father, father’s father and his father were all bakers. Maybe, because of that he ignores me.

Our houses were just ten meters apart. Yeah, we were neighbours. But our houses were like sea and a pond.

Mrs, baker was a highly sophisticated lady, full of luxury and vanity, while my Anna was full of envy.

They had 2 daughters of age 7 and 10. We too had 2 daughters, Sarah and Tessa, of their same age. Their children went to schools for wealthy kids, while our children went to an school, which could barely be called an school. They had coquette, Bitterballen and high quality cheese for lunch and dinner. We mostly had porridge, the entire day.

These differences were enough to put a big barrier between us and the Bakker.

Anna used to call them arrogant and I used to laugh them off. For years we were neighbors  but we never shared a word. I didn’t know, his name was Floris, until recently. We just used to call him Mr Bakker.


But those days are gone. There was dawn of justice. There is equality everywhere  We are all enjoying the sweet savour of equality.

Floris Bakker now smiles at me. Not quite often, but now and then. Anna is not there with me to blabber about the Bakker. That kind of make me lonely.

I wanted to tell her that Floris Bakker is a changed man. We even shares lunch sometimes and chat at free times. He told me about, how arrogant he used to be and I told him how my wife used to envy his wife.

He often tell me  how he miss his family. I try to comfort him and say inside me ‘Anna, you used to call this simpleton a bad man’.

Like before our places were 10 meters apart. We also had many new neighbours between us.

Me and Floris Bakker talks a lot these days. We are both even planning to start a new business. ‘Anna can you imagine?  Your husband and Floris Bakker, the wealthiest man in the town going to run a business together. Seems like a dream. Sarah and Tessa will be very happy to know it. I want to buy them brownies and cheese’.

Floris Bakker also wishes the same for his family. We both are waiting with hope…. With hope for the day, the concentration camp get liberated.


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