//From Corporate to Passion

From Corporate to Passion

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They said run behind the money to be successful. Mom said chase your heart to be happy and healthy and that hit my heart.

Listen to your heart

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Never imagined I would start my business anytime in life but destiny decided something which I never had thought of in the near future.

So, Hey! This is Lakhan Bhagnani, this is my story of changing life drastically from software engineer to a teacher with ups and downs.

Not starting from scratch but a little brief about me from the professional aspect not so punctual but loyal to the job, not so obedient but a pretty straight forward and last but not the least a person who looks for satisfaction in his job.

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September 2018, After the termination from the first organization, I ever worked, I trained my mindset not every organization is the same, but another experience, another lesson made me believe I was wrong.

The first day at the corporate, October 2018 a new organization after many struggles and sweat, who thought this would be my reason to follow my passion. Everything was going smoothly until I got hit with my depression again. I started being unavailable, less productive and frustrated all the time, this made my senior a little worried so he began to poke into my personal life. Things got worsening more all things went to the upper level in the organization, had meetings, talks, and discussion. The conclusion was to be determined either they gonna kick me out or I choose to ditch them. Of course, the latter part became destiny.

I got appreciation when I did something big and sugary words when they had work but wasn’t aware of corporate politics. Nevertheless, many things happened for a first-time, so this was in my case.

No-one got to realize I have resigned, I smiled all the time. On the last day at my work, people found I never gonna be there again, they sympathized “you are free” but I only knew I risked all my life. I knew people gonna judged me, they gonna fire all the questions from their little mind but who was bothered.


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I disappeared from many people around, they didn’t know where I was also they didn’t know what I was doing.

All I had to find myself, needed to get the scars on and heal them. Dive into the field in which I was naive and beginner. No one in my blood had teaching skill but this came into me from my experience. 15 days haunted days of mine, losing belief, distrusting my own ability, gave few interviews but no one found me eligible, booked dates for demo lectures gave few of them, few didn’t respond and few did not agree to the amount I asked for! Alas, I got one student at the month end of August 2019 which was to start from September 2019. There started my journey of passion, a journey to become a professor, a journey of happiness and doing what I loved. Who said following a passion is an easy task, ask the one who fought with relatives for getting into the Arts field, asks the one who ca hose to be writer in the World of Technology.

Follow your passion

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Concluding the story by stating

Do what your heart, says because people will always Judge and you aren’t the actor of anyone’s life


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Very naive writer and poet, Emotional and Sentimental... Confused mind with imperfect love stories, Engineer by Degree but Teacher as profession!


  1. Sukhbirsingh khalsa February 19, 2020 at 2:57 am

    Lot’s of rejection,still that obsession with passion is beyond, keep up the progress, hope to you as a professor soon

  2. Amreen Ahmed February 19, 2020 at 8:41 am

    The story ended with a strong message!


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