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‘I want to take revenge on him.’

‘What,’ she wondered.

‘I will definitely kill him.’

‘What the hell are you saying? What happened to you? Are you okay? To whom are you going to take revenge? Who did what to you?’ my firm voice was made her angry.

‘Anish, who is lessee in my home.’

‘What he did?’

‘He isn’t, his grandfather had cheated my grandfather. For his cheating we left our village decades ago. My grandfather did not touch a woman’s breast in a tent drama, his friend did. But finally my grandfather paid for it’

‘What? His grandfather cheated your grandfather, after decades you are going to revenge on his grandson. How can you take revenge on him? Will you kill him?’ first she stared at him by her psychology teacher’s seriousness and after she smiled at me by her childish mindset.

‘Kritika, I am serious and want make right my fundamental reason for leaving our village by wiping tears.’ He thought that she is my girlfriend or enemy, but did not express it.

‘Ok, how can you take vengeance on him?’

‘There is a one door between me and his room that was locked by both side. I have trained his 2 year kid to open the lock. Whenever I lock the door or open, he imitates me to his door. I will teach him to open the door which is locked by both side of our home. The kid and his mother will be going to their village next week. One fine night will enter my enemy’s room and stab him.’

‘What if you caught by police?’ she asked.

‘No way. I have booked a bus ticket to my village. As per my plan I will be at my village on that day. But I will kill him in my house in Bengaluru.’

‘Go to the fundamentals Anish. If you kill him, blood will full your room’s floor. No one show dare to come your home for rent. Remember, you have to pay for EMI every month.’

Anish had no words. After thinking for a while, he took a long breathe. But his mind was boiling.

‘Enemy goes late night long drive once in a month. He takes a nap on the way when he feels sleepy. He has a mercury tube in his car. On that good time I will close the all windows of car, before doing that will pour mercury on his wound made by me accidentally some days before. He will definitely die, but no one can catch me.’

‘Go to the fundamentals hero. He is a press reporter, always carry a hidden camera. You cannot find it. You will have to stay in jail if you do this.’ She again rang his madness.

‘Are you really my girlfriend or his well wisher,’ finally he asked her.

‘Yes I am a well wisher. Not for him, for our life.’

‘Stop your lecture Kritika. Go to the fundamentals is my theory. I want to make my family’s fundamental thing. Only revenge can satisfy my grandfather’s soul, want to just kill him anyway.’ He seemed to not to change his way.

‘Go to the fundamentals of life Anish. You are going to punish a wrong person. You cannot make right the past things. In this technical era, cannot end a person’s life. Our life’s fundamental is to be happy, not to commit wrong.’ She conveyed it seriously.

Of course Anish got angry. He stood up and levered her to lets go. After going to end of the gardens entry door, he put his hands on her shoulders.


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