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God or coincidence?

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Mr. G (my father) was sitting under a tree, hungry, thirsty and highly disappointed that he had yet again not cleared the job interview. When he finally decided to drag himself indoors to kill his hunger with the last piece of bread that remained, came a lady’s voice under a large hat that startled him. “Excuse me, sir” she said, “Please can you guide me to the Blessed Angels old age home, I seem to have lost my way?” Mr. G on providing her with the direction, noticed her still standing there. “Are you okay mam?” he asked. “Dear sir, I am terribly thirsty, please may I have a glass of water? ” she replied.  “Oh yes! Please come inside.” he invited her into his small room he called home, that he shared with two other friends. He didn’t want to send her away without offering something to eat, so he placed all that was left of the bread on a plate too.
As soon as she left, arrived Mr.G’s friends, tired,hungry and disappointed that they had not cleared their job interviews either. Their disappointment turned into anger when they heard that the little food that was left was offered to a stranger. After sometime came a knock at the door, only to have the strange woman standing before them, holding a bag. “Here Mr, please take this bag as a token of my gratitude for your kindness today”, she said. They were all too excited to see what the bag contained. They realized the woman was not only strange but very kind and generous, for the bag contained rice,a whole chicken and a carton of milk. Then she reached into her pocket and said, “The next time before you attend an interview, place these four stones on either corner of the building” and left, leaving them startled.
“What nonsense!” said one friend throwing the stones away, “I agree! ” said the other throwing his away too. Mr G though said, “I have nothing to lose and I could do with some luck, so why not? ” The next day, they all went to attend interviews,and Mr G did as the woman had advised, and to his amazement he bagged the job.
He wanted to thank the woman, so he rushed to the old age home, only disappointed to find it locked. He went to a nearby neighbor to inquire when it would open, only to be shocked and yet in disbelief of what he heard, “Sorry sir” said the neighbor, “this place has been shut for years now”
This left my father asking himself, “How did she know they were attempting interviews when he had spoken nothing of it, from where had she appeared that day, why couldn’t he remember her face and were those stones the reason he got the job? “
My father told us that this incident taught him karma, be good and greatness awaits you, faith, confidence and aspiration can lie in something as little as four stones, and always be kind to another, for you never know if it is God in disguise.


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I was born in Kenya, brought up in South Africa and an Indian by origin,so for this reason many consider me a jack of all trades but master of none, but I love to prove that I am that Jack who has never given up mastering the varied trades! I have traveled the world and travel the country a lot, I have many stories to tell, some scary and some not. I can inspire you and tell you incredible tales, in return all I request is your love and prayers.

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