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Going against the tide: getting a job in Bengaluru

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A story can bring positive vibes in your mind when its end connects with a new beginning. Such is my story. My name is Biswajit. I am a B. Sc. graduate and not an engineering student.

People say that Bengaluru city is a city for IT engineers and they don’t say wrong. So, when I left my job on digital marketing in Kolkata, I was not sure if I would get a job in Bengaluru or not. As because I am not an engineering student, the employers might cancel my CV during shortlisting process. But people need to take risks in the life and I was not an exception. I thought that no matter what happens, I should go to Bengaluru and try to get a job there.

But how could I visit Bengaluru? I knew nobody over there. I didn’t know about the job situation in Bengaluru. I didn’t know where to stay, what to eat in Bengaluru. So, how could I go? There was no helping hand for me.

Thankfully, those who don’t have any helping hand, they can still take help from one, called the world wide web. So, I browsed a lot to know about the socio-cultural situation, job scope and the best places to live in Bengaluru. Then one fine morning, my parents saw me going to catch Howrah-Yashwanthpur Express.

I came to Bengaluru with the information on two basic things:
1) full address of a boys PG,
2) buses that go to such PG.

I never used to stay in a boys PG. That experience was completely new for me. While the PG owner was taking me to my room, I was looking through the open doors. Most of rooms were four sharing. Most of the paying guests were unemployed boys whose parents used to pay monthly rents for them.
Finally, the PG owner or landlord made me stand in front of a room, whose occupant was perhaps sleeping. The landlord knocked the door three to four times. Then he started shouting, “Mukesh… Mukesh… ”

Few minutes later, the door opened. A half-naked guy came out of the room. His name I already knew – Mukesh. The landlord pointed at me and said, “Mukesh, this is your new room partner, Biswajit.” And he went away after showing me my bed.

Then I got to know Mukesh gradually. He was from Bihar. Mukesh used to work at some start-up in Bengaluru which suddenly got closed. After that, he was really struggling to find a new job. It was almost two years now that he was jobless.

Mukesh, because of his own hopeless situation, tried to make my feel demotivated. He used to say, “Bhaiya, you have come to the wrong place. Bengaluru is for techies. You don’t know any coding. You are not an engineer. So, who will give you a job? You are wasting your time. You better go back to Kolkata and try to find job in Delhi-side.”
I obviously did not listen to him and started giving interviews. From every interview, I learnt about my mistakes and kept on studying the digital marketing theories. And the luck was by my side. I was able to crack few rounds of an interview in a company. After that, the HR took me for stroll and asked if I would be interested about a certain package, how soon could I join, etc. Upon hearing my answers, he then offered me a job.

When I came back to my PG and told Mukesh about my job offer, his face turned into a disbelief. His facial expression I’ll remember and cherish for a long time.


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