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Got me late

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I was just about to see his face when I heard this huge bang on the door along with my dad yelling my name to wake me up. Because somehow my anxiety never let me get enough sleeps at nights and a perfect dream that would feel contended. I woke up with a drooling face and a blurry sight just to realise that I was already past my wake up time as usual. With cold winters sending shivers down my spine, I stepped into the hall hearing the faded taunts of my mom like everyday. “I’m the only one who works at home!! No one bothers to help me and I don’t know what kinda girl wakes up soo late.” And amidst those faded taunts I see my mom throwing few water bottles at my face and asking me to fill them. As always I could hear the clock tick 8:00am right when my mom assigned me any work and there starts my hurry. I rush to the washroom picking the most sad songs to drown in the long shower I took everyday, because that was the only time which felt like peace for an eternity. As everyday it continues with my mom yelling at me for getting soaked like rat in the shower. as it alwas took me exactly that amount of time to get ready which always made my parents lose their temper. My dad was always an atheist until he met my mom, because wives really enchant you with their spell. So one thing he never missed to do every morning was the morning prayer and then get ready to office and also for a journey filled with my rants about how I got late to college because of mom packing the lunch late and him getting ready late to drop me at college. My everyday go to was to get dressed late and then rant and annoy my mom asking why isn’t my lunch packed and breakfast served. It was an everyday routine to rant that my mom got me late to college. And as usual my mom always blamed it on my dad saying that my dad doesn’t get ready even after she’s done packing the lunch. So one day I decided to ask my dad to get ready early to avoid my mom blaming it on him and of course to be a little early to college. And then came the surprise of my everyday routine and the secret spilled. So thats when he explained me that he gets ready late everyday just to protect my mom from taking a guilt trip. He knew she tries her best to be on a time and he didn’t want her to rob her of the satisfaction of not being the reason to get me late. So he deliberately let her blame him everyday that he got me late. And that day I realised what true love mixed with patience and a pinch if sacrifice looked like. It just takes very little efforts and actions to hold onto things even though they might fall apart. It was his patience and mindfulness which till date taught me to be empathize with the most hardest souls on earth. Its okay to be dumb and stupid in few situations, atleast that would leave some sweet memories to cherish for a lifetime.


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