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GRAHA – The human perception

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GRAHA (The perception)

PROMPT: Graha is all about a guy who has a super natural power of understanding things which happened in the past and will happen in future by making a wink over the situation in his surroundings. The complete story runs on the concept of eyes and its vision. Will his power solve other problems or brings him a problem?

Lochan works as a visual artist in films. He recognizes that he has something special power compared to others.

A fine day he starts walking towards the bus stop and he notices a girl waiting there. He winks his right eye staring at her. Then the scene just changes into a reality to him, where a boy came to pick up her. Seeing that lochan just turns around and starts walking away from there.

He keeps moving forwards on the way and notices a kid crying on the opposite side on the road. Now again he winks at the boy to know the reason why he is crying. And then he observes that he lost his 100 rupees note and he was crying for that. Lochan contemplates about the incidents he noticed in the morning and stops working on that day.

After reaching home, he hears a police siren and asks another person nearby. It seems like there is a guy died next to his flat. Lochan feels interesting as he can use his power and help the police. He looks at the dead body and winks again on him. Then he notices that two of his own friends killed him with an injection and they were acting as if they don’t know anything. They used a chemical injection to kill him. Lochan starts thinking about the suicide incident and lochan starts searching about the chemicals on the internet and he leaves his room.

Next day Lochan squints at the detective taking both the friends of the dead person from their room. Lochan then winks at them accidentally and sees that he was caught by the detective and detective takes lochan from their room. An inspector comes near the detective and starts speaking. The inspector shows him a tab, where CCTV footage is shown that lochan is seen with an injection and he enters their flat. Seeing this by the wink lochan gets the reason behind the proof which is with the detective and he turns around. Then a time-lapse is seen where the real reason behind the murder is shown.
Three friends named rajiv, Sandeep, kiran were working for research about highly compressed modern lenses for a cheaper price. This could bring the vision to many blind people in the world. During the experiment sandeep and kiran works in making the lens and rajiv tests the lenses to identify how accurate it was.
Rajiv seems to be so selfish he finds that the lenses works well but he wanted to make money out of it. He makes a deal in crores without informing his friends. But sundeep and kiran comes to know about it seeing a message in his phone regrading the deal.
There will be a fight of arguments, all at sudden kiran uses an injection over rajiv. rajiv goes unconscious. Kiran says that it’s just Acetylcholine which stops brain functioning for few days. It will erase his memories so that nothing goes wrong. But Rajiv is found dead by morning and kiran perpetrates it as a suicide by placing sleeping pills near him.

Police takes lochan in the police van. Again, lochan sees the same girl waiting in the bus stop. As he winks, he comes to know that the guy who meet the girl is her brother.
And the same kid who kept crying on the same day also seen on the road. Lochan wink even on him and finds that the kid finds the 100 rupees note from a guy who actually lost it right in front of the kid on the road. Lochan is seen as confused by the moving police van.

END LINES: Every cause has a reason behind it. But everything we see can’t be real, it has a truth behind which we don’t even perceive.


The complete speculative script work is also done with detailed dialogues and screenplay.

Written by
Arun kumar Nangunuri
[email protected]


About the Author:

I am Arun kumar Nangunuri, a digital media artist who works in the post, as a D.I colorist where I make the films look like the director suggests. I wanted to make films but I need a team for it. these were just my few connections with writing stories. I'm sure I can prove with a chance. hope, we the new generation can make new stuff as a team.

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