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Have you ever met your Male Version or Female Version?

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In the year 2018, I came in touch with a young, dynamic, talented twenty-five year old gentlemen Mr. Pankaj Kumar Sagar.
‘This is unbelievable’ were my reaction post interaction with him. What makes him different and unique than my other friends is the fact that I consider him as my Male Version.
Okay, so I know this is a huge assumption, but I think I’ve found the tall, extroverted Male Version of me (90 upwards percent match) Yes! It’s kind of surprising and shocking but it’s the most unique, wonderful and extraordinary truth associated with my life. We both don’t get the chance to meet up frequently, because of the varied cities we reside; Delhi and Pune respectively, but I am thankful to God for giving me a golden opportunity to meet him personally in the year February 2019.
How I came in touch with him, is one such chapter of my life that I can never ever forget. Pankaj had first sent me a Facebook friend request, though I didn’t accept it because he was a complete stranger to me. But I was quite surprised seeing the number of mutual friends we shared, 26 high school friends. I browsed his pictures so as to recall him, but ales all efforts went waste. Couple of days later, I visited Pune after a span of eleven years to attend my school reunion. Post three days, when I returned back to Delhi, one random day my school friend called me up. After a casual conversation, I posted her a question, ‘ Do you know Pankaj Kumar Sagar?’
She replied, ‘Yes.’
‘How?’ I questioned.
‘He is my younger brother,’ she revealed. He was our junior in school, currently working in the entertainment industry and recently added a feather to his achievement wherein his latest documentary was nominated in a New York Film Festival. Her response left me blank and stunned, in all these years I really didn’t know she had a younger brother. Without wasting a second, I accepted his friend request and sent him a congratulations message for his recent achievement.
Next day it was 19th September 2018 who knew this day will turn out to be the most precious date of my life even more important than my birthday. GOD was about to gift me his most priceless gift, around 12 PM I called Pankaj, as we were having a casual conversation, he suddenly said something, which left me completely flabbergasted; we kind of worshiped the same GOD (Mr. Shahrukh Khan). At that moment I was filled with multiple emotions, our that conversation lasted for nearly two hours, and within that interactions so many more things got revealed which made me believe he is my Male Version. Sometimes our conversations stretches for 3- 4 hours a day and we laugh and giggle on the fact that we share so many countless number of common traits, keeping the SRK connection as the main priority.
1) Our Names – Surnames start with same alphabets (PK).
2) Same school (KV NDA, Pune).
3) Have a school friend named Anjali.
4) Passionate writers.
5) Our parents DOB is same
6) Face adjustment issues in workplace.
7) Have high pitch tone.
8) Have asymmetrical eyes.
9) We possess high self esteem
10) Since childhood we have water phobia
We both share many countless life events, these are just a few strong connections between me and him. But one thing is for sure, if we hadn’t met I would have never believed that a concept named Male version and Female version actually exits. Though nowadays it’s tough and tricky to explain to our families and the society what kind of bond or relation we together share, because we live in a society wherein there is a myth that a man and a women can never be just friends. But why tag a relation with a specific name, instead when it can have a mixture of all the beautiful relations in the world.
So whenever somebody asks me whose Pankaj?
I proudly reply, ‘My male version.’


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