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Healthy Monday

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Ramesh was looking into the sky. All birds were returning to their homes, but Ramesh didn’t want to return home. What would he tell to his parents that today he had achieved nothing? The compartment where he was sitting, a lizard was trying to climb the wall but fails abruptly several times. However, a miracle happened, and the lizard climbed the wall so nicely. It ignited the mind of Ramesh. He was thinking there might be wrong in his strategies. There was a need for self-introspection. He returned home with some visions in his mind.

He sat in the room’s corner and thinking what he had done earlier was totally a nightmare. After a sound round of discussions with influencers in that field and well-wishers, first, he will form a virtual site and promote his startup. He had seen many office-going people were eating very unhealthy food in the morning. Morning rush hour, they don’t have time to make a nutritious breakfast. So, they eat whatever they find on the streets. Instantly, an idea came to his mind, and the idea was creating a chain of ”Healthy Monday” restaurant. He invested money to build his own website and promoted to various social media channels. The most important aspect is to take care of the feedback of people because it is the people who eat his restaurant’s food. After so a good deal of online and offline feedback, he prepared a customized weekly menu. Then, he made a list of potential customers and assured that they will take his services. But he was not satisfied and went to various offices and meet their employees and convinced his ideas. Now, he has a list of 1oo people.

Now, the time has come to transform his virtual vision into reality. He purchased an old restaurant and after renovation, he named it ”Healthy Monday”.  Still, he has a sound amount of money to pay his workers for next three months. Previously, he has a bitter experience where he and his friend invested all the money to make a startup but later they had not enough money to pay the various liabilities. So, after the failed attempt, he arranged enough money to reimburse all the essential liabilities. Now, his project is functioning well, and he has got noteworthy feedback. Many people blessed him to launch a new kind of startup in the food sector.

Since it is a matter of taste, so people need to experiment and asking new recipes and fulfilling their needs is difficult for him. Once again, he is thinking to shut off the project. Observation, analysis, and launching a new perspective is the soul of any startup. Suppose, now your startup is running successfully but if you can’t think about the future what new aspects can be added to remain in the competitive market, you can’t sustain in this field. So, he made a WhatsApp group community and asked members to form their own community to make their preferred menu that must contain a group of 25 members and he will fulfill their desires. His new kind of experiment works and he is happy now.

But ambition won’t lead you to remain happy for a longer duration of time. New achievements and new dimensions make you think and think more. What about contentment? When ambition and contentment contradict each other then most probably you choose that will give you happiness by choosing new achievements or remain content whatever you have now? Some people are not happy even if they have a chain of their restaurant. They want to imprint their name that can be everlasting and forever and the same kind of feelings are hovering in the mind of Ramesh. He also wants to open a chain of restaurants in various cities of his country.

Well, you do have the sound planning but if your execution is not worthy, then all your attempts will go in vain. He needs funding and funding will only come when you add values to the society. The mere earning approach won’t give you sound funding by investors. Emotion is the biggest factor where people notice you. Rendering humanity is the biggest emotional value. He feeds one hungry person on each Sundays and post its videos to his Facebook and YouTube channel. Soon, he has got various helping hands and when luck becomes your destiny, then nobody will stop you to become popular. A famous influencer in the food chain approached him and funded his worthy project with a 10% stake at his name. The 10% stake won’t affect much to his business and now he is running his franchise to 23 cities in India.

Really, a nice and inspiring story where a person feels detached and lost hope from everywhere made a great chain of his own ambit. At the time of despair and disappointment, think yourself what went wrong and how it could be done wisely, then all your worries would be over. When you believe in yourself and never lost hope until you won’t achieve, it will definitely give you a rising sun of your life.





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