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Her life got sick when she married him. He was just a painter and nothing else.It was not how he treated her for he treated her well, it was the fact that she couldn’t travel like her friends or own a luxurious lifestyle.

That is when she met Rekha, a social worker.As usual like with every one, she nagged about her household and how little income her husband earned. And in turn Rekha told us a story.  When Rekha was young maybe around 23 or something her family pressurized her to get married. Her marriage though didn’t do well. Her husband was pretty abusive to her.when she got pregnant with his child, he kicked her out of the house. It was with so much difficulty that she found a new job and took care of her son. Even though that job didn’t pay her well, she somehow managed to get her son to university. It is here he met his present wife Anushree. Rekha wasn’t happy with their friendship as she felt anushree was taking him to wrong path. Finally her son asked if she would accept anushree as daughter in law. Rekha didn’t agree at first but she didn’t want to disappoint her son. With much reluctance she agreed. It was just after their marriage that anushree came up with strange request. It was a request asking her son to leave his mother or to leave her.  Rekhas son didn’t think much. He just left her.

There was tear in Rekhas eyes and remorse voice when she talked about  Anushree

the world was harsh and this reality surely is harsher. The fact that there was only bad circumstances that is throwing at her even when she remain good is so unfair. Slowly the tears started running carelessly through painters wife’s eyes. She wanted to say something but even words felt empty. She remembered suddenly of situation where her best friend successfully pulls her husband away from his mother. They would laugh and her friend used to tell how irritating and boring aunty was she. People in her social circle  would look up at her praising her smartness and she remembered she was one of them. She remembered how shamelessly she would make fun of her mother in laws accent and how she can’t eat anything with spoon. Was she anushree- who is arrogantly turning worlds cheek against her mom in law. A strange anger  she felt upon her. Rekha continued to talk and after some time she left. But she didn’t listen to it anymore. Her mind was preoccupied with rekhas story .” My husband too should be blamed” she thought quietly ” wasn’t he boring and same silly man all again”.

Just  few days after the incident, she met a another woman Aimee . As usual ,talks  about how miserable her life is but this time it was more directed toward her husband and mother in law was omitted from her story. And in turn Aimee told us her story.

Aimee is a year older than her yet she comes from reputed family background. As a young girl Aimee would dream to have a good looking man as her husband and a castle as her home. She would travel everywhere and wear the finest brand. It was one afternoon she met John. He wasn’t rich or good looking. But he was polite and she fell in love with him. When they got married they didn’t have good home but Aimee would be with him through all ups and down.Over time, John prospered in his career. And as he travel more and earn well, he started to have illicit relationship with other women. Aimee was helpless and took all the pain by keeping quite.   Her heart was broken when she talked about her husband. After some time she too left.

” Thank god” She said quietly “that my husband has never abandoned me nor cheated. Iwish I appreciate whatever I have”




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