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         Varun was being treated for his Grade 3 metastatic cancer in the well-known hospital in the Mumbai. He was unconscious & oblivious for many days and hardly responding to any treatment. There was an old lady who was regularly visiting the hospital after 4-5 days though none of her dear ones was being treated there. She started sitting near side of the bed of Varun in her every visit. She used to read some stuff in front of him from the broad, thick and kind of old notebook although he wasn’t aware of her acts. This was her routine for many days despite of the Varun’s unconsciousness .

         Ponderously Varun started getting consciousness and responding his treatment over the period of time. Slowly slowly as the Varun was gaining awareness , he felt the old lady might be from any NGO, wanted to ask those usual questions and any help. But he noticed after few days , that old lady coming regularly , sitting on that very uncomfortable chair near side of his bed , reading silently that old, dusty notebook. Varun was very surprised by her behaviour as he wasn’t familiar with that old lady rather he never saw her before.

         One day , despite of having much weakness , Varun dared to ask her with his mumbling speech,

” Hello , Aunty…. Sorry….to ask you this….but why are you doing all this ? I mean , do we know each other before ?” drawing her attention from that notebook , she just adjusted her spectacles, gazed at him for a moment with that mysterious smile and said calmly,

” Because my God knows you and that is enough for me !!”

” But all your efforts eventually will be a waste as I’m not going to survive much longer and I already had lost the hope to live..!” Varun responded within an instant despairingly. With his reaction , she closed that notebook with her wrinkled finger in between those pages and with a smiling face , she said,

” Hmmm…I was thinking the same when I lost my only son almost of yours age, one year back. He was bald with a pale face looking sick just like you and was treated on the same bed. In his last days , there came a point when the HOPE was the only therapy to save him…!” reminding her son, that old lady couldn’t stop her tears from rolling on her cheeks ; but she continued a talk keeping aside her emotions.

” And you know what it hurts the most , that time , I couldn’t give him that HOPE , the last therapy…!! ” pulling his attention towards the notebook in her hands, she asked , ” Aren’t you curious what I read from this notebook…??” after the Varun nodded affirmatively, she started speaking,

” You will be shocked after knowing that this notebook is entirely blank with not a single word..” showing those blank pages to him, she said.

” How will it work but ? isn’t it meaningless ?” Varun asked curiously.

” Hmm…Life just need someone’s extended hand with a faith and not the longest quotes or sentences to give a hope…! And now I’m giving that hand to pull you from that darkness with a hope that you will do the same at some day..! Consider these blank pages as blank days of your life and write the story which you always wanted to live. Because THE HOPE ALWAYS COMES, WHEN NOTHING IS LEFT. ” 


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    a story to be read!!well penned 💯💯


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