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This is a story of a girl who faces a lot of struggles to live a life. A girl who failed hu ndred times, but never gave up.

She is from a small town in kerala where people live their simple life with joy and peace. She is from a middle class family. A happy and loving parents and young sister. Her father had a big dream about his two little girls. They fulfilled all her wishes even though its hard enough to manage. They gave her all love and care more than she deserved. Education in a well know school , when they were really struggling for financial conditions. She was living her best life.

After completing her schooling they decided to send her to Bangalore so that she can study well and reach her goals. The girl was fierced because she knows that it would be really hard for her family to afford allit the expense. She denied to go there because she doesn’t wants her family to suffer. Although her parents convinced and gave a belief that she will be successful. Now her only aim is to make her parents proud .

She joined in a reputed college. Everything was going good until she met some new people. Like all teenagers she fell into some fantasies . It was something new for her. Slowly it took her inner corner of ambition and studies. She started backing up in studies, missed classes. There were many influences which turned her world upside down. She began to forget her aims .She started telling lies to her parents, spended money for unnecessary things.

Somehow she completed her graduation and started thinking about how she wasted heron time and money. How she fooled her parents . She started regretting very badly . So she decided to work and earn money. The girl was already in a few debts because of her over expenses.Attended many interviews , failed many times . Finally one day she got a good job . A very happy moment for all of her family. She started dreaming and believed that all hardships are at its end. It was her onboarding day, when she forgot her important documents to submit at office. She lost her job. That day she cried and cursed herself, thought that she will never be happy. A huge depression was already on the way to her mind.

Days passed , she doesn’t wants her family to be sad and struggle again for money. So she took loans and managed her living expense. One day she got a call from company which was way better than the old . She attended the interview and passed all rounds. Now she  got the offer letter in hand. That day she learned  to never  lose hope and faith. She laughed like before. Enjoyed the moment.

Her family was happy for her. She started working . It was a wonderful experience, she got many good friends. Life was good until she faced some glitches to manage her living . Even though she cleared half of her debts, there was something haunting her. She started to experience loneliness. When her friends were enjoying at parties, she was alone in room inorder to save money.

One day at certain point she lost her job because it was a temporary post for three months. But she was unable to tell her parents, she knows it will hurt them. So she lied that she’s still working and day by day her debts increased, was unable to pay bills. She ran out of money. There were days passed without food. Nobody to help or console. Soon she was depressed and started blaming herself. One night she thought to end her unworthy life . She took a knife and started scratching her hand. At that time her eyes glanced at a book on the shelf. It was holy bible. She opened it with tears in her eyes,  It was written “Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” The lines made her back to life and thought. She decided to face the obstacles no matter what , will never give up until she touches the peak of success. The girl went on longto prayers that night.

After few days one of her old friend called and shared some business ideas. So she was thinking deep about the words her friend said. She got an idea about starting her own business. But there was no money , but she decided to take risk . Approached many people for loans, finally she made it. Money was ready , soon she studied about all aspects of running own business . Many people criticized as she was a young women who is risking her life and blamed that she will never succeed, its her greedines that’s going to ruin her life. But her parents were on herthe side and that was her strength and hope . After few days she started running business. There were nights she didn’t slept , was working hard day and night . After few months she got a big profit from her own so called “failure” business. She cleared her debts and gave a good amount to her family. The people who laughed at her now started praising. The life is now what she dreamed about.

You cannot be just so-so, you cannot be justthere lukewarm. It is not going to help. Lukewarm water cannot evaporate, and lukewarm efforts to be  alert are bound to fail. Transformation happens only when you put your total energy into it. Its okay to face obstacles in life sometimes, they are temporary if you have faith and hope!


Ps: I m not a writer ,forgive for the mistakes in this story



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