//Hope lives forever

Hope lives forever

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The past 18 years has been nothing but an endless loop of hardship for Eliza. Wake-up, do the chores, go to school, get bullied & come back to her poverty ridden house just to see her alcoholic father beat up her Mama for the sake of his manliness. Girlhood for any other girl of her age might be sunshine and butterflies but for Eliza, the experience was somewhat different. It is very much true that there exists a sense of balance to everything & everyone; where exists capture there also is a way to escape, and for Eliza it was her violin. The environment no matter how much noisy and polluted it always took just a stroke at the strings for her to make it all calm down & taste a little spoon of peace.

Last November, she bunked her school and went to record for an audition for a scholarship which would ensure her free studies at the New York School of Music and Arts. She didn’t tell her Mama about it because of the broiling guilt she felt inside her. She didn’t want to leave her Mama in this hell but where would she take her?to her college? But then again she cannot leave her ,how could she be so selfish?but what about her dreams? This dilemma worsened day by day but that day something pulled her to record and take a chance. She submitted the tape without a pinch of expectation of getting selected.

The bond between Eliza and her mother was something sacred for they have been light to each other over the years of darkness. Everyday they helped each other, did the dishes together, ” Don’t forget to take the water bottle before you leave hon”, Eliza’s mother would remind her before she left for school everyday and sometimes, she’d even surprise Eliza with her favourite blueberry pie with the saved up money. She loved her daughter like she was the best thing that ever happened to her.

                      One day, while cleaning, Eliza’s mother found her daughter’s diary. Although she felt like she was invading her daughter’s privacy but she did it anyways. In the afternoon everything went down as usual, Eliza came back from school , ate the lunch kept on the table & then went to her Mama’s room to tell her about her day at school but after she opened the door, nothing remained usual anymore. Eliza’s Mama hung herself & left a note.

“ Congratulations on winning the scholarship honey! I am so proud of you, always have been and always will be. My little baby grew up so soon. I’m sorry that I couldn’t give a good life to you but I tried. Now I want you to be strong alright? I know you would’ve never chosen your dreams over me but the last thing I want for you is to sacrifice for me. I want you to enroll for the college, work hard and live your dreams. Will you do that for me? I can’t see my baby girl suffering the same fate as I did. Don’t worry about me, God’s got my back and I got yours. I’ll always be with you. One more thing, don’t you forget to take your water bottle before you leave for college okay? Love, Mama”.

The rest of her days at school Eliza lived at her bestfriend René’s house and left for college in June. She missed her Mama everyday but she forgave her for she knew, one hope died in order for another to live.


The end.


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