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  • A 12-year-old girl who is known as a smarter student in her class. used to bring the
    first rank in her examination.
    She loves to take part in various activities and win but because of her shyness, she didn’t do so,

But she is good at studies, She used to think as long as she is in this school only she will be the first runner up. Now here comes the twist in the story.
She finds out that her parents no longer want to teach her further.

They talked, she has grown up, and they don’t want to do her job. Being a girl this would be enough for her.
When she heard this while doing the work of the house, she was not much shocked because she Heard it last year too.

but this time She thought, how long she will fight for it, she will have to leave it one day.

One day when she was going to school she realized, The length of her skirt decreased slightly, which used to be a bit below. She realised maybe her parents are saying right. She may have grown up. she accepted the thing and told her best friend, everything,
They were not happy but accepted this.

Shortly after leaving school she realized, she should have tried for it, and she went to her father and tried to please him by giving various option like she could study at home and just will have to go for taking the examination,

But her father denied all the proposals and very politely said. leave all this thing and learn the girl’s work. Which will work for you, She asked twice or thrice each time whenever school opened after the summer vacations but she only got a rejection which often made her cry.

She left this hope that she could study again
But she is the girl who is very curious to learn,

She wants that
She should be able to know everything in this world. She left studying but not learning.

She often used to do her sibling’s homework to make herself happy.

One day when she was talking with a friend, her friend randomly talked about her English spoken course which she is pursuing, while listening to her, our Main character got very excited because she got an idea she told her friend how it would be if I join you,

Her friend said it’s good but would your parents allow you?
She replied I will handle it
By seeing her passion for study her father gave her permission.

And after almost 10 years she joined back her study. It’s like a dream come true for her. For the first 2 days, she thought she was not able to understand anything, but she decided to do hard work. and make the most of this freedom to know the outside world.

Soon her hard work made her one of the best students, a competition was organised she
participated in that but couldn’t win, but she got huge popularity, and chooses as a teacher, it was the first time when she became the second Runner up. But it’s also was the 1st time when a fifth class passed student became a teacher,

Her school best friends also joined the institute and she welcomed them by saying that.
you have studied too much, but did you ever think that the girl who left you in class five will be your teacher, they laughed and said no we never thought of it,

And that girl is me
@pinkysharma it’s my story

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